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Boss battles are annoying grinds or am I just a scrubby scrub (Archived)TheMadestMen41/25 5:47AM
What the heck do I do? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 ]
TheDebauchery461/25 5:40AM
They see me rollin they Haten... (Archived)TheDebauchery21/20 11:27PM
Swords missing from the Reclamation List (Archived)TheDebauchery21/9 9:49PM
Ukiyo No Shishi/Ukiyo No Roushi (Archived)TenkaiMitsuhide51/9 2:54PM
Question regarding the UK Version (Archived)Mighty-Lu-Bu31/8 11:44AM
The Hospital? (How's it work, 10% cost bump, why bother?) (Archived)JCtheArchangel31/5 12:35PM
Styles/Stances with Toughen 75%, and 90%? (Archived)JCtheArchangel21/5 12:31PM
Best stance/s for "My Style" creation? (Archived)JCtheArchangel31/5 12:30PM
Toho Swordsman (Archived)Bloodlines1191212/29 10:54AM
Is there a shinobi stance that has Zaji's move from (Archived)Darrenti212/20 7:24AM
How do new items unlock in shops? (Archived)Bloodlines11911012/11 10:29AM
My samurai became a pedophile (Archived)Sirasa412/7 8:25PM
Anyone else experience choppy camera playing this? (Archived)JCtheArchangel512/6 9:49PM
Invader/Weapon .Late Log. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
kittyrinaRex1511/28 3:15PM
Which sword do I need to master side stance? (Archived)Eospag311/8 5:33PM
Help me identify this style ... (Archived)MisterDread311/8 11:16AM
Amusing (Archived)NinjaWaffle110/25 4:50PM
Finding the style named Perfect Iai Jutsu. (Archived)EB_Nall610/20 12:26AM
Japanese text on PAL version (Archived)masanosuke310/19 11:20AM
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