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Your top 3 styles you like to use. (Archived)Yuji Kaido51/21/2014
A Few Questions Please. (Archived)Drone12361/20/2014
For invaders.... (Archived)him667631/17/2014
DLC medicine guy assassination (Archived)Kratier51/16/2014
casinos closed (Archived)Kratier21/16/2014
Help identifying a One handed style? (Archived)FutureShockUK51/11/2014
How to unlock all items at clothing stores? (Archived)ogodorod51/11/2014
How do you make the economy better? (Archived)CalistoCoon51/11/2014
blade has more than 2000 durability!? (Archived)MikioSaitou31/11/2014
am fairly new to this game just a couple of questions... (Archived)
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'world wide warrior' help 2014 edition (Archived)hyper-jet-space21/6/2014
Killed Kogure in the tournament but it wouldn't let me pick up his style book. (Archived)Yuji Kaido21/5/2014
More masks? (Archived)FutureShockUK61/5/2014
Style Skill Points (Archived)Snappleflakes21/3/2014
Is there a way to switch back a difficulty level without losing my stuff? (Archived)FutureShockUK61/1/2014
Just got this, how do I unlock the Iai/Iaijutsu stance? (Archived)FutureShockUK312/31/2013
Hara Swordfighting (dual shinobi unlock) (Archived)RazkilZ612/29/2013
Can't Enter the Battle Tournament as an independent what am I doing wrong? (Archived)CalistoCoon212/23/2013
Best IaI stance without crafting a unique one? (Archived)CalistoCoon312/11/2013
Is there a way to leave the city to end the game early if you screw up? (Archived)CalistoCoon212/7/2013
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