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Learning moves, two questions... (Archived)crazytrain229/6/2013
Which swords do I need to Master both the Gan and Sa Murraitto styles? (Archived)Eospag39/5/2013
This game has balls *spoilers* (Archived)M4karov38/31/2013
Pupils getting killed with Sensei in charge. (Archived)othellinater68/31/2013
Posted this on WotS2 board but its dead so... I'm bringing it here lol. Help! (Archived)ktbandit28/28/2013
Night crawling melinda (Archived)syphonedwolf11728/27/2013
The next game should have an in-game LOAD feature (Archived)Snakemaru18/24/2013
No xbox release still has me upset! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Officially hooked to the game. (Archived)vnj4x88/22/2013
NEXT GAME NEEDS REAL ONLlNE PVP (Archived)adramelk4498/19/2013
Slam Dunk reference? (Archived)Orcinus_Tooth18/15/2013
Iron Set DLC problems? (Archived)Megamelons38/8/2013
Even more Fashionista trophy questions...YAY :/ (Archived)Hurstism38/7/2013
need help with the hand-to-hand styles (not asasho or nightly pleasures) (Archived)ralvan38/7/2013
Asasho Martial Arts hidden move (Archived)LesserAngel38/5/2013
Any of the dlc is worth getting? (Archived)Psycko10138/2/2013
Nightly Pleasures Help~ (Archived)
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Mastering Tsubo Swordfighting Style (Archived)Hurstism27/26/2013
Mastering Kyoji, Asa Noir-Draft,Toho Swordfighting styles (Archived)Hurstism37/26/2013
*groan* Is there no other way of getting the Alebarrow? (Archived)Chr0noid47/25/2013
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