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5 years ago#1
Hey guys, sorry I'm late to the party. Today I just got the limited-edition of Kenshin Saisen new from eBay. It had a red sticker on the front, and the seller said it was the "Kenran" limited version. Anyway, it includes the manual, art book and a slip with the Kenshin breakout code. I'm guessing the Kenshin voice clock and 10 custom wallpapers are included on the UMD itself.

My biggest question is: is there a deadline to download the Kenshin breakout game? I can't read a lick of Japanese, but the slip says "3/10/2011~12/31/2011". Does that mean you can't download it in 2012? I don't have a PSP yet (waiting for another price drop) and I don't even know if I CAN download Japanese PSP games, so any clarification here would be appreciated. If there is indeed a deadline, then I'll have to buy a PSP right away.
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5 years ago#2
Can someone please answer this question? It's pretty important. Is there a deadline?
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5 years ago#3
You can download the Japanese content with an American psp. You will need to make a Japanese psn account though. As for the date i'm not sure if it expires i'm pretty sure it will be there past 2012 but I can 100% confirm that.

I posted this along time ago.

Heres a video on how to make a Japanese psn acccount. Its the same for the psp.

Log in to the japanese psn store with your Japanese account. On the top right hand corner of the screen there are 4 small buttons I believe its the second button that you enter the code (the one that has an arrow pointing down). This should bring up the game and what you can download.
5 years ago#4
I meant I cant 100% confirm******
5 years ago#5
Now that I am home I pulled out my game and translated what you wanted ( I am no expert)

"Period of which code is available March 10, 2011 Until December 31, 2011."

Like I said I am no expert but I am confident that it is until December 31, 2011
5 years ago#6
Thanks Aoshi, this helps. After posting this message I browsed Japanese sites and saw a google-translated page that said it was a "deadline", but I wanted to make sure. So do you download the clock and wallpapers along with the breakout game? Also, how much memory does it take up? I'm planning on getting a high-capacity memory stick, but I want to download this right away and the PSP only comes bundled with a 32MB stick.

I'm going to have to buy a PSP much earlier than I anticipated now. A bit annoying considering the price will likely drop $30 come Vita, but worth it for Kenshin.
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5 years ago#7
Yeah there is an option to download all at once or one at a time. I can't remember the space required my brother has my psp but I'm leaning on 72 MB by memory alone.

I'll let you know once I get a hold of the psp.
5 years ago#8
Thanks, and as one final question would it be possible to download this stuff without a PSP? What I mean is, could you register and sign onto to the Playstation Store on your PC and download games directly from there?
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5 years ago#9
No it's not possible you need a psp to do this.

Maybe it would work with a PS3 but I really doubt it since it's a psp game.

The content really isn't anything special you can find better Rurouni Kenshin wallpapers online for your psp. If I were to rate the block game it would be a 3/10 and that is being generous. As for the clock it's pretty worthless.

You really wouldn't be losing out on much if you waited for the psp price drop.

That's just my take but in the end it's your money so do what you wish =D.
5 years ago#10
I know spending $30 extra just for some downloadable content is a bit silly, but the Kenshin fanboy in me would never forgive myself if I passed up on this opportunity. Here's an idea, my brother has a PSP... Could I download the game onto his PSP, transfer the data to my computer, and then transfer it over to my PSP 3000 once I buy one? Would the licensing all work out (despite the account being created on a different PSP)? If this is possible then that would be perfect!
If we can unstop a stop, we can stop the unstoppable! @(;o}D

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