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5 years ago#11
I moved the downloadable content to my computer once and deleted it off my psp when i tried to move it back to the psp the block game would no longer work for some reason.

I had to re-download again from the psn store.
5 years ago#12
Wait, so the voice clock and wallpapers DID work? That's strange... I'm unfamiliar with the Playstation Store, but I know that with DSiWare you can always re-download anything you've already downloaded originally, even if it's no longer being offered. Is the PSN the same way? If so, could I sign into an account made on a different PSP?

Sorry to be asking so many questions, I'm just kinda in-between a rock and a hard place.
If we can unstop a stop, we can stop the unstoppable! @(;o}D
5 years ago#13
Also, to add to my previous post, if transferring the breakout game causes it to stop working on the PSP, what would happen if I needed to change memory sticks?
If we can unstop a stop, we can stop the unstoppable! @(;o}D
5 years ago#14
So to my understanding the game will be retained in my XMB Download History, as long as I've signed into my Japanese account on that PSP. By downloading the content on one PSP, I'll be able to re-download it on a separate PSP as long as I retain access to my Japanese account.

If this is true then that's certainly good to know, in that case I don't have to jump on buying a PSP before 2012, which was much earlier than I was planning. Thanks for the help, if re-downloading past deadlines is allowed and DLC isn't tied to the PSP but rather the account itself then we should be good.
If we can unstop a stop, we can stop the unstoppable! @(;o}D

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