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Generic anime fighter? *cough* (Archived)
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King of Fighters XIII and it's NeoGeo crew vs. Phantom Breaker and their posse. (Archived)TheArcade35/3/2012
Catastrophic typo on front page of site (Archived)HermanTuttle55/2/2012
Is there a limited edition version for this? (Archived)
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What is your list of favorite to least favorite characters in this game do far? (Archived)Tboyswag35/1/2012
Review on this Game (Archived)keogamer85/1/2012
I was hoping this was going to be related to Phantom Dust. (Archived)Shadow_Zujed44/30/2012
Isn't this game supposed to have a playable character from the Chaos;Head anime? (Archived)TheArcade44/28/2012
Who is the hottest? (Archived)Tboyswag54/23/2012
Again? (Archived)
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Have you guys decided who you're going to main yet? (Archived)
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Anyone know the story of the characters? (Archived)Lylat_Cruiser34/17/2012
So about the characters... (Archived)heavengods54/7/2012
"Late April" seems doubtful... (Archived)Stray_Zero104/7/2012
Just ordered LE from Amazon! (Archived)
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not looking good (Archived)
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whats so special about the guest characters Rimi and Kurisu? (Archived)ArcRay2074/5/2012
how to unlock characters (Archived)sakurafan5623/23/2012
Is this one of those Story Rich fighters that's been going around recently? (Archived)viral53/23/2012
This is a psuedo-sequel to the Asuka 120% series (Archived)
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