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5 years ago#1
Brand new on a Best Buy deal last week. Got it in the mail today and I'm glad I waited for such a cheap deal. It's an alright on-the-go madden experience, but it really is lacking a lot of features and seems to lag sometimes between plays which is probably just the game trying to load.

Worth $5. Don't think it's worth anything more though.
That said, I'm off to play more mobile Madden and hope EA do better with Madden 13. Maybe we'll get a full madden game next year like on consoles. | | Eve Torres <3
5 years ago#2
I did the same thing. I bought it for the 4.99 at best buy last week. The game seriously lacks necessary features, but for 4.99 I wont say I wasted my money, but like you, I wouldn't pay more than this. The gameplay itself is pretty solid, so I will get some time out of it. Currently I'm sitting at 7-0 in my Green Bay Packers season.
Single and multiplayer video game highscore competition - over 450 games -
5 years ago#3
Haha that's great. I am now currently 5-0 on my Green Bay Packer season.

You're right about gameplay being solid, and I too will get plenty of play time out of this. I always have random urges for sports games. | | Eve Torres <3
5 years ago#4
Playing the game a bit more, I'm slowly realizing more and more shortcomings. No after game highlights, replays that don't capture all of the last play sometimes. Not being able to save replays to SD card. No refs. While not a shortcoming, they add to the atmosphere. And sometimes after plays it looks like the players are trying to hand the ball to a ref but no ref takes it so he does this weird dance thing then tosses the ball. And more I can't recall at the moment.

Also, not a shortcoming but "glitch". When going for an extra point (field goal) if you aim up all the way and do about max power, the ball will get stuck in the air spinning until the camera cuts away. | | Eve Torres <3
5 years ago#5
Personally, the biggest thing that I can't believe is missing are season stats. There are plenty of other issues that are hard to comprehend, but it's really weird to not even have any stat tracking. Even the standings are ridiculous. No points for or points against, home vs road record, etc. The lack of any sideline players/coaches and refs on the field is a head scratcher as well. A fully fleshed out madden on the 3DS would be a nice experience. Unfortunately, I don't know if we'll ever see that. I read in the manual about the spotlight moment, but until my 10th game last night I had never even encountered one. I won't complain because I only spent 4.99, but I can't believe a game that has 5% of the content of Madden 2002 could be released in 2011.
Single and multiplayer video game highscore competition - over 450 games -
5 years ago#6
You bring up a lot of good points. I'm really missing franchise mode too. I liked the training and such that comes with it.

I had the spotlight moment randomly happen last night as well and was all kinds of confused. It was on my 7th game. I was facing the Vikings. I should read the manual. | | Eve Torres <3
5 years ago#7
I've noticed a few more really annoying issues. First off, punt returns are broken. The returner sometimes just frantically runs away and doesn't catch the ball and even when I control the character and hit L to catch he will muff it. Secondly, I don't think you can go for 4th down without a fake punt or field goal (I guess you can audible out of a field goal attempt, but you will have the special teams personnel on the field). Also, no surprise onside kick. Lastly, I don't think a QB can tuck and run on a passing play. I get near the line of scrimmage and the QB just keeps slowly moving while looking downfield.
Single and multiplayer video game highscore competition - over 450 games -
5 years ago#8
One thing I hate is when the game automatically skips to "simulating gameflow" and picks your play. Like they don't even give you a chance to open the play book. It's super annoying.

Luckily I've messed with my audibles so I can change accordingly. Still, only four audibles is a little annoying too as it obviously can't even cover most situations.

EDIT: I guess this topic is kind of a "what's wrong with the game and needs to be fixed in future Madden 3DS games." Don't get me wrong, as I said, It does the job. Most of the core action is solid and worth the $5 we both paid. Just, needs ... more. I feel sorry for anyone who paid $40. | | Eve Torres <3
5 years ago#9
I heard this game has no weather. Is that true? If so, then is it annoying to play in Green Bay in December and January and always have perfect sunny weather.
5 years ago#10
I haven't seen any weather effects yet. I don't think they're in there. None of the option settings give you an option to turn them on and off. And seeing as how you don't know what month it is in the game, you never know if it's December or January or what. It's kind of annoying. | | Eve Torres <3
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