Wait for this or get 2010

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6 years ago#1
The xbox yugioh arcade game unleashed a huge yearning for this game
"I just want evury1 to no day derpderp haz most potentshal I've evur seen in a pocketmon. ftw"
6 years ago#2
Get 2010. By the time you're sick of it, this one should be out.
6 years ago#3
I already get both 2010 and demo of Decade. But Decade ain't doing great so I would just go for this one.
Yes, despite his grammar I can tell he's quite intelligent. He's also always willing to help others who play this game. I too appreciate that. ~Golden_Key33
6 years ago#4
This. If you need to curve your YGO card needs, YVD in the meantime.
6 years ago#5
yugioh 2009 is so annoying i was lucky to buy a used one and it had the cards unlocked, its impossible to beat it without cards who's the smart guy that decided you know ill make this game difficult and you know what i won't give the kids the cards they need ill make them suffer they have to unlock the cards one by one 3000 4000 points for 10 packs i use gameshark it makes the game more easyer thank god
6 years ago#6
2010 is a good time waster <_>
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6 years ago#7

From: AppIe_3-14 | #006
2010 is a good time waster <_>

Actually, get this.
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