How do you unlock the booster pack storm of ragnarok?

#1roodbaard67Posted 3/1/2011 7:19:27 AM
See title.
#2mat123321Posted 3/1/2011 7:54:29 AM(edited)
Someone in the Answers section says it's by beating everyone in the Daimon area x3 - though they didn't specify specifically who and if it includes turbo/tag duels...I haven't it done yet though so I can't confirm either way
#3HozuPosted 3/1/2011 4:00:59 PM
Hmm.. I thought I beat everyone in that area 3 times by now but I don't have it. I'll check now.
#4mat123321Posted 3/1/2011 4:06:23 PM
Well the Daimon area has an awful lot of characters in it - some of them linked with sidequests (if it includes them) e.g. Shops, Prison, appartments etc and you may need to beat people tag and normal...

though like I said, i've no idea for sure.
#5HozuPosted 3/1/2011 4:25:03 PM(edited)
I got a different pack from beating everyone 3 times in the prison just now.

...and I keep unlocking different packs by beating people in the Daimon area now...
#6HozuPosted 3/1/2011 6:49:01 PM
Alright, I unlocked Storm of Ragnarok after beating everyone in the stadium area.
#7BladenytePosted 3/1/2011 7:38:29 PM
i can comfirm that storm of ragnarock is unlocked by beating the 3 turbo duelists in the far north-east area of the stadium (one screen east of your 'pit' crew) 3 times each in a turbo duel.

nobody else in the stadium area is needed
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#8roodbaard67(Topic Creator)Posted 3/1/2011 11:12:02 PM
I shall try beating than everyone of team ragnArok(that are the three on the east side stadium pit).
It does make sence that you need to defeat them since they are team RAGNAROK and I want to get the booster pack storm of RAGNAROK.
Fastest I could comfirm it work is at like 15:30 GMT +1.
#9natchu96Posted 3/2/2011 12:48:36 AM
It makes even more sense in that Storm of Ragnarok monsters are pretty much all they use.
#10mat123321Posted 3/2/2011 2:21:24 AM
Not sure this was needed but can confirm that beating all Team Ragnarok in turbo and tag turbo duels x 3 unlocks Storm of Ragnarok