Extra deck for a verz deck?

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User Info: Geminia999

5 years ago#1
So I have a verz deck but I feel the extra deck could use some work

Notes about the deck, no tourguide, runs castor, mandrago and corrosive at three each so I can easily get a rank 4 Xyz

Any ways my extra deck is like this

3 ophion (amazing and awesome and is main card of the deck, always the first Xyz I get)
2 Bahamut (A bit more situational but still useful, stole a grapha once :)
1 Thanatos ( very situational)
1 ouroboros ( not very good an effect, but has attack power and it can come in handy sometimes)
2 Vylon disigma (any type catastor and can get rid of stardust or other hard to get rid of monsters)
1 shock ruler ( again situational)
1 hope (just staple)
2 lavalval chain ( can give me a DAD or Caius, think I should take it to one)
2 Emeral ( can give back any verz in the grave to the deck for corrosive)

Also since I am running corrosive and feel that I mostly am running ophion most of the time, sometimes a bahamut and thats it usually so I put in Xyz reborn at 1 but should I try and put it at two? Also should I try and put in a stardust or other staple synchros even without a tuner?
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User Info: Geminia999

5 years ago#2
bump because apparently opinions are rare on the internet >_>

Here is a pick if that was what people want before helping


P.s Ophion and corrosive is awesome. I have locked down so many people on dueling network with a first turn ophion that I completley destroyed them and ended up destroying a lot of tengus.
[::[_]::]Common sense
[+[_]::]just because you can doesn't mean you should

User Info: GX000

5 years ago#3
i think the mistake that you're making is not realising that you know more about this game than most people here do. i'm sorry that i really don't know enough about verz cards to help you out but you seem like somone who would be a really nice opponent on DN. if you want we can duel somtime. my username is ChaosGX.
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User Info: Nickcool1996

5 years ago#4
The thing is, there is no same extra deck for a specific...deck.

All you need is 1-2 Ophions and 1-2 Bahamuts. The rest is up to your playstyle and the cards in the deck.

User Info: ThatGuy4913

5 years ago#5
Corrosive is great. You can chain it to monster removal and get a free Mandrago.


Pure Verz don't do much to support each other. Castor + other Verz is the only real combo, but for what it's worth I'd rather just use Rescue Rabbit and Heliotrope.

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