Rate my deck: Darklord OTK

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Btw thats not a real side deck, I still need to find a good side deck for this.

Basically this deck has many win conditions.

#1 get 5 or more dark monsters in the graveyard while having one the dark creator and 1 phantom of chaos in hand.

#2 Use snipe hunter to clear the field for kristya and discard the fairy you got back to make krystia come back if its destroyed. It's even better when you have shire in the graveyard is you can just set it and summon krystia for some kind of loop.

#3 Have any chaos monster and monster reborn in hand. It can swarm the field with 3 monsters for a potential 8000 to 8700 damage. summoning lyla first to help ensuring the win is also good.

and probably other random stuff can happen as I have been able to summon 5 monsters in one turn XP.
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