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5 years ago#1
Does anyone have any recommendations or opinions on which sliders are the best on 2kShare? Overall I'm satisfied with the game although I can't quite seem to get the balance right in-game when it comes to AI batting.
Procrastinators Unite!........Tomorrow!
5 years ago#2
Procrastinators Unite!........Tomorrow!
5 years ago#3
I am currently using version 1.3 of ILikeNeapolitan(Bulls23 on OS) and really like them.
5 years ago#4
if you download the sliders on 2k share, where can you use it? just franchise/exhibition games, right?
5 years ago#5
doesnt really matter where you can use them. you can just copy the number down on to a piece of paper, then input them and save them as your own.
5 years ago#6
no since doing that unless you are putting them into My Player. Just DL them then load them....that simple.

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