Major issues with wall jumping(slight spoilers)

#1Setzer0608Posted 10/31/2011 7:04:07 PM
Im at the very end of the game, climbing the massive tower chasing after Farah, at this point i have no dagger of time to rewind, which is making all of this extremly aggravating. Im about to go to work, thought for sure id wrap this game up beforehand so when i get home in the morning i can jump into WW. However that wont be happening because of broken wall jumping, lol.

Whats happening is(and this has happened to me throughout the game for whatever reason but usually the dagger resolves the issue), im fine with the normal wall jumping, its the one that have wide gaps used to wall jump downwards, i cant get it to work, he always hits the wall and falls to his death, and i then have to do a long and annoying platforming section all over again. Normally the repeated attempts would get my timing right, but with no dagger and all the crap i have to redo i just cant seem to cut it.

My theory is that its simply that im so used to the small wall jumps that my timing just sucks on the big ones, but does anyone have any kind of tips, or perhaps has experienced this same issue? Any help would be great.
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