Eyeball/Pirate costume help please?

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6 years ago#1
Right, without sounding stupid, here's why I haven't found them
I loaded the game, opened it, started it yada yada yada
Got tracksuit and red paper, they are the only costume bits i can find
In the first bit of it, where you have to get the girlfriend and open the gate
I've searched all the houses, and every bit of the caves
I'm so stuck!
I probably sound really stupid and I've missed something SO obvious
but I know you gotta use the fries costume for the girlfriend
I just can't get past those grubbins to rollerskate up the ramps
to get to the chest inside one of those pens
I'm lost
If anyone can help I'd appreciate it so much
I've backtracked, repeated my steps, fought everyone
:( lol
6 years ago#2
Gah, I finished this about 3 days ago and I can't remember xP !
Have you...
-Talked to all the Grubbins?
-Talked to the Crow dude in the cave that gives you the Pirate costume design?
-Explore 'all' rooms in the caves?
-Talk to the elder and obtain his quest?
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6 years ago#3
there's a crow in the caves?!? i'l get on that
that's pretty much the only thing there i haven't done
6 years ago#4
xP I meant the crow in the cave by the stand where the DLC begins. I'm guessing you missed him because you went looking for the pirate pattern? I can pop into the game and look around if you still need more help. Hows your progress?
Wii: 3243-5366-6626-7303 ::: PSN: Zetro-X
6 years ago#5
haven't had a chance to get on it yet lol
i only play it at my boyfriends, its his playstation
should be on it at the weekend
i didnt see a crow at all that i could talk to anywhere though
6 years ago#6
right, i went back into the game, went all through it again
in and around the caves
cannot see a crow anywhere only these bone monsters and grubbins
im gonna re start it and see if i can find it
6 years ago#7
ok! completed it!
thank you ever so much for the info
i re loaded the game, for the third time
went into the caves and the crow was finally there
perhaps it was a glitch or something, very strange
but ive completely it now so thanks so much!
6 years ago#8
Nice, glad I could help!
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5 years ago#9
what does the eyeball costume do?
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