Cheat Codes

#1mlkybrs_r_on_mePosted 5/7/2011 6:59:19 AM
rt093g Koehler
kdlfkd Twigg
644thf Clubba
bwo656 Jacoby
64bnhg Hungry Cannibal
vgf32c Angry Cannibal
ld9454 Govorner Weatherby Swann
zm37gt Clanker
13glw5 Jimmy Legs
gdetde Mistress Ching
ew8t6t Ammand the Corsair
4djlkr Davy Jones
dlrr45 Angelica (Disguised)
rked43 King George
rx58hu Quartermaster
y611wb Gunner
wev040 Phillip
p861jo The Spaniard
d3dw0d Blackbeard
vdjspw Jack Sparrow
#2sheridanmovieguPosted 5/11/2011 3:30:44 PM
That's nice. Why aren't there any red hat codes? Those are the ones people want.
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