Problem installing the game

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User Info: mcdonaldfries03

5 years ago#1
Has anyone installed this game yet? Every time I try, it just says "installing game" but never shows a percentage or starts the install. I was just wondering if this was a common occurrence, or if this game was unable to be installed.
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User Info: drcanjel

5 years ago#2
Same thing happens here. Thought I had a bad disc at first so I returned for a new one. Still happens.
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User Info: slacker3222

5 years ago#3
Yup, doesn't work for me either. Just playing it uninstalled. The weakest LEGO game in my opinion - I'm hoping they're going to make a LEGO LOTR game. Cheers!
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User Info: GodDogs

5 years ago#4
I had this problem too, but I got it to install by signing out of Live first. Try that.
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User Info: Winturwulf

5 years ago#5
I had no problems installing it; it just took an eternity. :/ I don't have Gold but I was signed into Xbox Live at the time, and I have one of the older Xbox 360's... I dunno if any of that makes a difference, but good luck to all of you.

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