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3 years ago#1
im gonna get this eventually teh question however is WHEN? Im goin to gamestop tomorrow or tuesday and Im wondering if I should walk out with this, yakuza dead souls or ninja gaiden 3.

Im gonna get all those games at some point either way.. im leaning more towards yakuza because I have all 4 and loved them and the story so dead souls would be the obvious next choice.. but im leaning towards this too because its made by the same people, actually has english voice acting (im tired of reading subtitles) but is the story just as good if not better than the yakuza games? I played teh demo and must say i dindt like it as much as i thought I would mainly because emptying whole clips into a robot is a lot less fun then taking a head shoot or two or three shots to drop a human (i wish there were more humans to fight in BD)

so based on all that should i get this now or just wait?
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3 years ago#2
Probably not. Based on what you said, this doesn't sound like the game for you. Especially if you don't like fighting robots. The single player story line is very good, and the game in general is a lot better than most reviews have given it credit for. Although for your gaming tastes, you would probably be more happy with one of your other choices at full price, even though Binary Domain is an excellent shooter.
3 years ago#3

I'd say go for Dead Souls and wait for this to drop in price a bit but please don't pass this game up. Its a great game and on par with Yakuza story and cutscene wise.

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