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I'm hoping this makes Xbox One compatibility list (Archived)Setzera19/11 5:03PM
New to the multiplayer (Archived)redlantern218/27 3:10PM
Online screen stuck at "connecting" (Archived)redlantern218/27 2:58PM
So what's the online activity like at this point? (Archived)acesanddueces38/8 8:03PM
Sam Fisher's silent takedowns (Archived)EraserGun18/3 2:50PM
Anybody still play Blacklist? (Archived)MagellansFall17/14 12:36PM
So... Splinter Cell 7. (Archived)Jamin-Xbox37/8 3:16AM
Spies vs Mercs still active/online? (Archived)Devaztata66/25 8:49PM
Co-op, PS3, Ghost (No Knockouts), Perfectionist (Archived)nmswidan16/15 11:25PM
How's single player work? (Archived)Deadly_Dowrong56/14 3:46PM
how do i perform a takedown from a cover and corner without pulling the enemy? (Archived)V0CALICMAX15/14 11:55AM
In-game interface broken (Archived)ghostik15/12 9:58AM
Billionaire's Yacht - Drone Pressure Challenge (Perfectionist) (Archived)OU8124ME12/19 4:44PM
Beat every Splinter Cell Game over last 4 months (Archived)Jspartan11772/15 6:42AM
Looking for COOP/SvMC teammates (Archived)shin_mcgoo12/5 1:08PM
Safehouse - Panther-style, still getting undisturbed points? (Archived)gumby113411/25 2:59PM
semi serious question about Lambert (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
VENOMOUS75111/9 2:25PM
Most Frustrating SP Moments (Archived)Moss_271012/23 7:01PM
CO-OP Partners (Archived)FullGlow612/16 5:06PM
Looking to do the multi achievements (Archived)vanillapickle211/25 7:20AM
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