So ANY digimon can drop a mercenary egg?

#1JRodslegendPosted 12/5/2011 9:15:17 AM
For their rookie form?
Someone had menioned not all the digimon were localized with the game, but so far iv seen people running around with every digi iv seen.
#2DragnridazPosted 12/5/2011 11:08:58 PM
if u have english version then no some digimon dont drop eggs at the moment lol trust me i have tryd
#3JRodslegend(Topic Creator)Posted 12/6/2011 9:06:04 AM
Yeah I'm playing english.
But then my question then becomes, do we play with others who have different versions?
Or do we only play with others that have the english version?

Just wondering cuz I saw someone in my game with Dracomon, and he is the one digimon I want! Lol.

Btw I can't believe this board is so dead. Is there another forum for us english players somewhere I don't know about?
#4ArgonisgemaPosted 12/6/2011 11:51:25 AM
aw man i want dracomon
Shin Megami Tensei a game
Where you can give GOD the finger .