My patamon egg got busted... >>>>=(

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User Info: Speeddemon35

4 years ago#1
I spent the whole day getting data, blowing my money on buying it, beating up and right when I had enough to do the third insert, the game decided to say, "Screw you, I'm blowing all you effort out the window" and blew up my egg. I was really looking forward to getting a patamon and because of the stupid rules about hatching the digimon the creators thought up, it's gone and I have to start over. I'm quitting for today, but if anyone has advice, please tell me how to waste less time and hopefully get a better chance at doing this.
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User Info: KingRohitVerma

4 years ago#2
Blew a Gabumon egg today. Holy s*** the rage that ensued.

The only way to guarantee an egg hatching is buying a reinforced one. These are unfortunately expensive and hard to get, but sometimes easier to get through events.

User Info: Trikor

4 years ago#3
feel your pain mate, Gabumon egg betamon egg and a fanbeemon lvl4 champ egg. All busted in the last to days,

So much farming, all for nothing. Was looking forward to having a seadramon (my fav digi) but no the game has to **** me
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User Info: lucida

4 years ago#4
I blew up over 100 Tentomon eggs. used over 1000 data chips.
Fustrating. :(
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  3. My patamon egg got busted... >>>>=(

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