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6 years ago#1
Generic thread, I know.

Orisinal has been one of my favourite sites for Flash games since 2003; I particularly love A Pocketful of Stars, The Three Monkeys and The Bottom of the Sea. - Cloudkicker, Foxtail Somersault, Graf Orlock, Mono, *shels, Fist in Fetus, Iroha, SPC ECO...
6 years ago#2
This only for phones, or should I let loose newgrounds's forum-goers here?
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6 years ago#3
Where does it state it's only for phones?

Anyway, even if it is, that's dumb. Flash webs sites should be allowed as well.
"Its your sisters breasts...They're perky."
6 years ago#4
Anyway, for the question;

I typically just use the normal sources,, I also like, which has some pretty great zombie themed games including Infectonator and Pandemic.
"Its your sisters breasts...They're perky."
6 years ago#5
^ Uhhhhh...that sig you got makes me o_O

Anyway, there is a flash game I've loved. I wanna play it again, maybe you guys can help. GW Bush with a gun, just shooting people. My fav game in a while, and nicely done too. NO offense to anyone, its only a game :)
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