Uncharted 3 multiplayer has a prestige mode!

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So i just made it to level 75, and they have taken a page out of COD's book and added a prestige mode they like to call "legacy", if you never heard of prestige mode, it's where you give up all of your boosters, weapons, money, etc, start over at level 1, but get a brand new emblem to show off to everyone.

what do you think of this addition to the multiplayer?

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The fact you made it to 75 already says it all....
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^ i've had the game since last thursday, so don't start

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killerband55 posted...
^ i've had the game since last thursday, so don't start

That is still ridiculous
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this is not a thread about my level, there are a quite a few people at level 75 as well, many people played co-op before the game came out, and ended up in the 60's to 70's, don't blame me if you couldn't get the game early

now please discuss about the prestige mode

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I don't think I could do that. I'm level 50 now (also got the game last Thursday), and after pouring about 30 hours into the game since then, I'm going to be moving on to other titles, and coming back to this every now and then for my multi-player fix. It will probably take me another few months to hit level 75, and with the frequency that i play this becoming lesser and lesser by that time, I will sure as hell not bother giving up everything I amassed for a silly emblem that no one else will even notice.

What is the emblem, anyway?
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here's a look at two different level 75 emblems (one being in legacy mode):


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That's crazy... but congrats on maxing out already. I have way too many other great games to be playing than to pour all my time into one in particular. I'll play some UC3 multiplayer, but not too much. There's too many other amazing games to partake in right now, and throughout the remainder of the month.
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I'd rather have the roman numerals that take an absurd amount of time to level than prestige
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