"Of Mice and Men" reference! *chapter 9 spoilers*

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5 years ago#1
Damn, that reference was awesome! I even stopped playing to come here and make a topic about it.

On chapter 9, after Cutter goes bananas, Sully tells Cutter to go ahead before himself, and Cutter says: "Yeah, yeah, before I know it, you'll be putting that gun on the back of my head and telling me about the rabbits."
I have been forced to do this
5 years ago#2
Yeah, I got a good laugh from that one.
5 years ago#3
I didn't notice it on my first playthrough but on my second I did and I was happy.

They did a Macbeth reference earlier in the game, but that was more obvious.
MGO: The_Despair
5 years ago#4
Yeah I got it. Laughed pretty hard.
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5 years ago#5
A Macbeth reference? Where/when?
I have been forced to do this
5 years ago#6

From: mildare_el_rayo | #005
A Macbeth reference? Where/when?

In the London tunnels, Sully says "Lead on, Macduff" and Cutter corrects him that it's "Lay on". Drake just wonders who Macduff is.
MGO: The_Despair
5 years ago#7
Haha, I was wondering what Cutter meant with the rabbits. I just got the reference, thanks!
And I thought Sully said McFly, not MacDuff, so I was wondering where Marty McFly came into relevance. Again, thanks for pointing it out!
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5 years ago#8

I read the book a couple months ago in English class. It was especially funny when I got to this part in the game because my friends and I have had an inside joke about the rabbits for some time now.

5 years ago#9
It was a pretty clever joke. Cutter was always good for a laugh.
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5 years ago#10
I read the book and watched the movie, I find the ending of the movie hilarious because it's like George went "HELL NO LENNY I FEED THE RABBITS!"
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  3. "Of Mice and Men" reference! *chapter 9 spoilers*

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