Uncharted 3 - rather much of an anti-climax

#1nathangittens99Posted 11/28/2011 10:32:02 AM
Unfortunately, the bar was set too high for Uncharted 2, and Uncharted 3 couldn't live up to the expectations. The end of the game was rather disappointing when compared with Uncharted 2. Uncharted 3 was good for the first 16 chapters, and then things started spiralling downhill. Here are my reasons:
1.) The game ended very abruptly. When I got past the Convoy, I was expecting there to be at least another 5 chapters, instead ND only delivered two.
2.) 20.Caravan in Uncharted 3 was a very poor attempt to revive the joys and originality of 21.Convoy in Uncharted 2. It wa a very static chase - only being 2 vans at a time, and having to jump back onto the horse each time.
3.) The standard of opposition of Marlowe's men at the end of the game was something I would expect at the start of the game. I was expecting waves of armoured shotgun guys and snipers just like on UC2, but there were measly numbers of easily defeatable opposition. At Hard difficulty, I do not expect to be getting past the final chapters after dying only once or twice.
4.) The plot was good, but poorly sequenced. The hallucinogenic water stuff was a very interesting plot, but it was over before it even started: it was only explained in the penultimate chapter of the game. In UC1 and UC2, we come to see Navarro's and Lazaravic's plans nearly coming to fruition, with Navarro almost making off with the chest and Lazaravic beoming invincible, but on UC3 what do we see? We see an urn that I was so looking forward to seeing opened only rising halfway out of the water! Marlowe gets nowehre near close to her plans and this was disappointing!
5.) The boss fight really couldn't match up with Lazarevic in UC2. In UC2 I was running away from a madman with my heart literally thumping in my ribcage, and I expect a boss to actually be difficult to kill. UC2 delivered. UC3 did not. UC3, in comparison, we see an illusionist with hallucinogenic drugs just using a knife while loads of prompts come up telling you what to do, like you were some sort of beginner or something. I wasnt expecting to fight Marlowe, but it was still disappointing nonetheless.
So unfortunately Uncharted 3 was a disappointment, let's hope Uncharted 3 is better.
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I love the Uncharted series, but #3 felt rushed to me.

It was the only Uncharted where I had a lot of glitches (controls not responding, character popping into other textures, and a few times I fell through the map). Much of the popular single player content is missing (unlockables, medals). Some unanswered plot questions and a very quick ending.

Maybe it was UC2 that set the bar too high, but this one was a bit of a letdown to me overall. At least the collectors edition was better this time.
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I think the people who enjoyed the game, such as myself, wanted a different experience compared to the old one.

I liked the story, as it wasn't too actiony, nor borefest.

Not every game needs a boss at the end. And Lazaravic was just a meathead that happened to be a douche.

I'd rather have an enemy that is shrewd and calculating (Someone like Liquid Ocelot) over one that is quick to anger (Lazaravic).
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... UC3, in comparison, we see an illusionist with hallucinogenic drugs just using a knife while loads of prompts come up telling you what to do, like you were some sort of beginner or something. I wasnt expecting to fight Marlowe, but it was still disappointing nonetheless.

Crushing difficulty removes those prompts. You only get the few that are part of the cinematic QTE's.
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UC2? Harder than UC3?


UC3's rather ridiculous at times difficulty spikes is easily its biggest weak point IMO.
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The boss battle is a lame QTE. The whole end sequence is almost a carbon copy of the end of Uncharted 2 only worse. Marlowe goes down to quicksand, poetic? Maybe. Awful? Yes.
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Love the MP though.

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I thought U2's boss fight was kinda dumb... Run around in circle, shoot blue thing by the boss, repeat.
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#9Black FunksterPosted 11/30/2011 7:15:44 PM
-I agree with the wildly variable level of difficulty and AI. I died so many times in the Ships Graveyard, Ramses Ship and in Syria, yet I found the Ubar battles a cakewalk. Same went for the Canyon sequence... possibly the easiest combat sequence in the whole game.

-While the updated melee combat system was fine, it doesn't make sense why they'd make you spend half a gunfight punching on with several guards at once, while another enemy is taking potshots at your back. Not much point leaving all these weapons lying around if you're not going to get time or space to properly use them.

-I've raged about this already, but I think it was a big mistake to take out the single-player unlockable content, i.e. skins and tweaks.

-What's with having to beat up some massive thug every 2 chapters or so? Does Marlowe just happen to have an army of steriod-abusing waiters on standby or something?

I thought the plot was great though, and the locations were just superb (I'd always wanted an Uncharted game to take place in the desert). Plus any game that takes equal nods to Indiana Jones, Prince of Persia and The Living Daylights is worth every cent.
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ND let a lot of people down with U3. Very rushed, little to no quality check and assurance and nothing revolutionary about the game. Honestly a lot of people bought this because U2 was so good. It had the hype because of U2 and I for one was let down by ND.

I thought this game was going to be epic, but it should have been a rental. I now know to be very careful with future ND games.