What constitutes as a rare treasure?

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3 years ago#1
It's clear that the treasures which are only obtainable in hard or crushing are the rare ones for adventure mode.

But what about the Hunter/Co-op Arena ones? How do I tell whether the treasures I have are rare?

I only started farming yesterday when the event started and I'm left with 10. I'm starting to think that those 10 I'm missing are the common ones which is why it takes forever for them to drop?

Thanks in advance!
3 years ago#2
Not sure how true this is, but I once heard (and this is only really by word of mouth and seeing a forum post from time to time from another player) that the treasure appearing on the bottom is the harder one to get. By bottom meaning the list you see when you go to the in-game menu for the particular treasure set you are looking for. In my experience it doesn't seem totally bogus, but I never found any concrete info on what is rare.
IMO? This is a post on a message board, is that not obvious?
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3 years ago#3
The bottom treasure is the designated rare in all cases save for Lost Pendants and the Incan sets. "Rare" in this context really just means the odds for finding the treasure in Arena or Shade Survival are dismal on Normal and higher, while outright impossible to find on Easy difficulty. Rares are somewhat common in Hunter, with the middle treasure(s) being harder to get (but not to a point that it feels utterly impossible). Again, the odds are so low for these to appear in Arena and SS that you really don't want to waste precious treasure weekend time on those modes until you have all of the rares.

The four sets that differ use Hunter drop rules on all modes and difficulties, presumably due to a bug. While you can complete these particular sets on Easy difficulty if you like, there's no changing the odds of finding these treasures at all. The best thing you can do is continue farming Hunter, hoping for a higher rate of treasure pickups from other players and treasures coming from chests.

As for Legend and competitive Artifact sets (if you're curious), there is a designated rare in every set, but unlike Co-op, it's not always the bottom one. Those treasures are the ones that will drop most frequently during this weekend, and can be made to drop more often (particularly outside of treasure events) by using Tournament tickets where available.
-Master ZED
3 years ago#4
So if I understood correctly, all the co-op/hunter arena sets' rarest treasure is the last one on the list?

So I'm missing the following, can you check whether I understood correctly on where to farm them?

Newari Figures Set:
#3 out of 4 - Newari Figures (Silver)
Farm in Co-op Arena (Chateau Siege method) because it's not rare.

Emerald Sanxingdui:
#2 out of 2 - Sanxingdui Stickeye Head
Farm in Hunter because it's rare.

Valuable Gold:
#3 out of 3 - Fibula Thogchag
Farm in Hunter because it's rare.

Elaborate Tibetan:
#2 out of 3 - Tibetan Tea Spoon
Farm in Co-op (Siege Chateau method) because it's not rare.

Gold Incan:
#2 out of 3 - Inca Vessel
Same as the above.

Sounds about right?
3 years ago#5
Yes to all but the Gold Incan. It's one of the four glitched sets, so as long as you're playing a Co-op mode that isn't Adventure, you're fine in terms of hunting for it.
-Master ZED
3 years ago#6
Master ZED posted...
Yes to all but the Gold Incan. It's one of the four glitched sets, so as long as you're playing a Co-op mode that isn't Adventure, you're fine in terms of hunting for it.

So where do I farm the Incan Vessel then? Hunter?

Cause I've been doing Chateau Siege all day long and I'm down to 3 treasures:

1. Stickeye Head from Emerald Sanxingdui set
2. Fibula Thogchag from Valuable Gold set
3. Incan Vessel from Gold Incan set

I've seen loads of other drops from the above sets except for the Gold Incan one. I've never seen a single drop from that set in my 5 hours of farming :(
3 years ago#7
I can't give good advice on where any specific set would be found. I tried to research the matter to finish my own sets (namely to narrow down the number of Hunter games I'd need to play): the ultimate results were that Artifact sets, as a whole, appear just as often as Antiquity sets do, but that Lost Pendants by itself tends to appear a lot more often than all three of the Incan sets. The research itself was taking longer than actually finding the treasure, so I scrapped the project.

If I could give any advice at all, it would be to play DLC maps. You *might* have more luck with them.
-Master ZED
3 years ago#8
So, for some treasure it's easier to farm in siege chateau than in hunter ss?

In hunter ss, the treasure you get from killing is the one your opponent already have right?
or can you also get the treasure they don't have yet?

Still missing 10 treasures. guess, i'll try siege chateau method tonight.
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