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User Info: CalmJester

4 years ago#1
I have no idea what the skills do - and I kinda want to know before I choose one!

I've googled with no success and my screen is too small and cruddy to read the little letters.

Can anyone point me towards a transcribed list?


User Info: CalmJester

4 years ago#2
Couldn't find any, but luckily the main menu has a clearer description. I'm copying it here in case future people have the same issue.

Tomb Raider Skill Description
(for those with screens upon which it is illegible)

Survivor Class:

Animal Instincts - Keen observation allows you to spot hard-to-find animals and food sources.

Survivalist - Earn extra rewards when looting animal corpses and food caches.

Advanced Salvaging - Thoroughly search crates and caches to find extra salvage.

Bone Collector - Carefully looting animal corpses will reward you with extra salvage.

Arrow Retrieval - Resourceful archers can recover arrows from the bodies of enemies.

Scavenging - Spotting hidden pockets on enemy corpses will reward you with extra ammunition.

Climber's Agility - Increase your climbing skills to traverse the environment with more speed and resist falling damage.

Orienteering - Use your keen perception to find hidden rewards in the environment.

Cartography - All tomb entrances and map locations will be revealed on your map.

Hunter Class:

Steady Shot - A focused mind allows you more time to aim deadly shots with your bow.

Ammo Capacity - Efficient use of bags and pockets allows you to carry more ammunition.

Heavy Lifter - Your increased strength allows you to carry the maximum amount of ammunition.

Accomplished Killer - Eliminate your enemies with finesse to earn greater rewards.

Bow Expert - Stab enemies at close range with your arrows for extra rewards. Also unlocks headshot reticle.

Pistol Expert - Execute enemies at point blank range for more rewards. Also unlocks headshot reticle.

Rifle Expert - Unload your rifle at close range to brutally finish enemies and earn bonus rewards.

Shotgun Expert - Blast enemies with the shotgun at close range to stop them in their tracks and earn extra rewards.

Brawler Class:

Pain Tolerance - Withstand more punishment in combat and live to fight another day.

Dirty Tricks - Cleverly use dirt and rocks to blind your enemies and leave them vulnerable to your attacks.

Axe Strikes - Deliver two swift strikes with your climbing axe to stun your enemies.

Axe Expert - Use your climbing axe to deliver a deadly, stunning blow to your enemies.

Dodge Counter - After dodging an enemy, stab them in the knee with an arrow to cripple them and leave them vulnerable to a killing blow.

Dodge Kill - Skillfully dodge lightly armored opponents and then strike them at close range to kill them instantly.

Dodge Kill Mastery - Striking after dodging becomes even more deadly, allowing you to kill almost any enemy.

User Info: CalmJester

4 years ago#3
Adding Gear Upgrade text, because I couldn't read it when needing to actually select something.

Gear Upgrades:


Rope Arrows - Adds a rope arrow as an alternate firing mode.

Fire Arrows - Arrows are lit on fire and ignite targets on impact.

Napalm Arrows - Fire arrows spread a pool of fire on impact.

Explosive Arrows - Arrows are rigged with grenade tips to explode on impact.

Reinforced Limbs - Reinforced limbs allow a stronger pull for increased damage.

Plaited String - Twisted bow string increases arrow damage.

Stabilizing Weight - Stabilizing weights improve accuracy resulting in increased damage.

Penetrating Arrows - Charged shots will penetrate armor or pass through soft targets to hit multiple enemies.

Wrapped String - Wrapped string enables a faster firing rate.

Key Ring Trigger - Makeshift key ring release trigger further increases firing rate.


Burst Fire Mod - Allows for alternate three round firing mode. Tap RB to activate burst fire.

Extended Mag - Longer magazine holds 10 rounds.

High Capacity Mag - Extra long magazine holds 12 rounds.

Port Vented Slide - Recoil compensation improves accuracy for increased damage.

Muzzle Break - Delivers round more accurately for increased damage.

Polished Barrel - Improves mechanical performance for increased damage.

Magazine Well - Magazine is easier to insert for decreased reload time.

Rapid Fire Mod - Hair trigger modifications increase rate of fire.

Ergonomic Grip - Rubberized grip modification reduces recoil.

Silencer - Shots are quieted at the cost of slightly reduced damage. Press (down arrow) to cycle silenced shots.


Strengthen - Reinforces the pry axe so that it can be used to operate cranks.

User Info: CalmJester

4 years ago#4

Grenade Launcher - Makeshift grenade launcher removed from an enemy turret and attached to the rifle.

Frag Grenades - Grenades spray shrapnel upon detonation, incapacitating enemies in a wide blast radius.

High Capacity Mag - Longer magazine holds 15 more rounds.

Barrel Shroud - Barrel shroud improves gun handling for increased damage.

Match Grade Barrel - Custom barrel rifling increases bullet speed for more damage.

Padded Stock - Rifle butt and grip padding helps steady the weapon whilst firing.

Muzzle Brake - Effectively dispels the gas from bullet firing to reduce recoil.

Taped Double Mag - Two magazines taped together increases reload speed.

Polished Ejector - Polished ejector increases firing speed.

Scope - Increases zoom magnification for improved accuracy at long range.

Silencer - Shots are quieted at the cost of slightly reduced damage. Press (right arrow) to cycle silenced shots.

User Info: CalmJester

4 years ago#5

Full Choke - Adds an alternate firing mode which concentrates the cone of pellets and gives them a longer range.

Incendiary Shells - Modified barrel tip applies ignitable fuel to outgoing pellets.

Barrel Shroud - Slotted barrel shroud improves gun handling for increased damage.

Modified Receiver - Tuned mechanics improve performance for additional damage.

Polished Bolt - Faster cycle rate between shots improves firing rate.

Padded Grip - Padded front grip helps steady the weapon for reduced weapon kick.

Wrapped Stock - Wrapped folding stock further steadies the weapon whilst firing.

Shell Mag - Removes need to load shells individually for faster reloading.

Drum Mag - Improves reload speed and doubles magazine size to 12.

User Info: RKO_Viper

4 years ago#6
The skills seem more like perks.

Can you only have a certain amount selected at one time, or can they all be used at the same time?
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User Info: evilmax89

4 years ago#7
They all stack together, once you unlock it, it's on forever!
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User Info: Necro_Fear89

4 years ago#8
Can you get every skill? Or can you sort of make a specific character to fit a certain playstyle?
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User Info: evilmax89

4 years ago#9
I don't have them all yet but they're all obtainable quite easily. Just collect everything you can and you should be able to unlock everything!
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User Info: CalmJester

4 years ago#10
I'd suggest grabbing the 'Survivalist' (extra XP) & 'Advanced Salvaging' as early as you can. Then, though it might make you feel bad, kill every animal you see.

Orienteering helps you find items which boost xp too, I think, but you can't get it right away.
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