This game blows Uncharted Away, so stop with the comparisons already.

#101tagzskiePosted 3/6/2013 12:37:31 PM
@shawnmck nobody said ps3 is the best, this is a comparison between TR and UC.. also TR can be play on ps3 and the graphics is good. I dont see the point of your message beside PS3 suck
#102EVILESTIZUMIPosted 3/6/2013 1:04:19 PM
IMO, Uncharted is a way better game, the stories were better, gameplay felt more polished, lasted a bit longer and the humor was top notch, i realize Tomb Raider is meant to be more serious as it is a life changing experience for Lara, but the thing is, i don't care. I cracked up in laughter at all the jokes in Uncharted games, specially the 2nd game.

-"Is that an ancient ritual dagger i felt in your pocket?"
-"Maybe i'm just happy to see you! Whoa, hello!"

LOL for a good couple of minutes, then when i remembered the line for the next few days. And as game are supposed to bring joy to the player, that's a big plus in my book.
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tagzskie posted...
@shawnmck nobody said ps3 is the best, this is a comparison between TR and UC.. also TR can be play on ps3 and the graphics is good. I dont see the point of your message beside PS3 suck

^ I've heard people on some topic forums claiming that Uncharted is "better", because it looks "way better"...and use it to advance their "PS3 is more powerful" propaganda.

And I NEVER said that the PS3 "sucks".
I do own a PS3, and all the Uncharted games.
I'm just tired of people using Uncharted as somehow proof that the PS3 is better than the XB 360, and crap all over Tomb Raider because they can't handle any competition.

Uncharted is a great game, and is one of my favorite games this gen...but if you can't acknowledge that the environments in that game are rather small & linear (restrictive), then you are a blind fanboy.

That's not to say that Tomb Raider is better, only that it is more open-ended, and thus it sacrifices graphics for bigger & more open environments for exploration...which more people seem to appreciate.

it's called priority....
Naughty Dog chose to restrict the environments so as to have more memory allocated for graphics. It makes the game look good, but at the cost of exploration.
Whereas Tomb Raider (Eidos/ Square Enix) decided to have more expansive areas and more exploration.
I am trying to inject some perspective to those who want to be blind fanboys, and think that just because Uncharted looks slightly better somehow equates to a better game...or worse, proof that the Xb 360 isn't as powerful as the PS3.
Its a joke.
#104SmackemsPosted 3/6/2013 1:31:58 PM
Uncharted 2 is one of the greatest games of all time. Tomb Raider is a great game, but it is not one of the greatest games of all time.
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#105tagzskiePosted 3/6/2013 2:03:28 PM
@shawnmck no no no the point is UC is not built to have open world, theres no open world in UC and GOW series. That 2 games built to be linear unlike infamous.. I dont understand that statement of yours. Also if you saw the ps3 the best thingy on other topic message there not here, i cant see anyone who said PS3 THE BEST here. Maybe im wrong but the way you say it is multiplat games rocks because its not exclusive. XD

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majorm posted...
symach posted...
Samman123 posted...
UC2 is better.

You are troll#1, I've seen you post this all over several threads on both boards tonight.

So anyone who disagrees with you is a troll?!! Or a fanboy.

Nothing. NOTHING will blow the Uncharted games away this gen. Not possible. And I do the vast majority of my gaming on Xbox so stop with the PS fanboy nonsense.

From the amazing graphics, gameplay and story to the best voice acting in a game, the Uncharted series is incredible. TR could only hope to match it.

LOL yes I really did laugh at your post. Such delusion is rare.
#107lightfighterPosted 3/6/2013 2:14:31 PM
The positive posts in this thread have me stoked to play TR !
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TC, if I'm only 40% proud of it, can I still put in my signature, or is that a hard 100%
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#109majormPosted 3/6/2013 2:47:17 PM
So this has basically devolved into another battle of console fanboys.

I feel so stupid. I didn't realize that at first. I thought we were actually comparing the games but instead it has just turned into Xbox vs. PS3. Again.

So dumb to miss out on great games just because it's not on your system of choice. True gaming bliss is having both consoles. I will never have only a PS or only an Xbox again.
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