This game blows Uncharted Away, so stop with the comparisons already.

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KtuluheroII posted...
Uncharted 2 is still better, but TR is still a damn good game.

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Uncharted on the other hand, can not be matched graphically

I'm playing TR on PC so it looks way better than U2.

Um okay, play uncharted 2 on PC then get back to us... oh wait...
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That's not the PC board. It's pretty obvious a recent PC game will look better than the best looking game released on an 8 year old hardware.
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Bmvc1 posted...
TC has never played Uncharted.
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OmegaReaper21 posted...
Bmvc1 posted...
TC has never played Uncharted.

That's what I'm thinking.
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OmegaReaper21 posted...
Bmvc1 posted...
TC has never played Uncharted.

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Im enjoying this more than the Uncharted series.....
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I would like to say that PS3 has Uncharted and Tomb Raider.
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DocBacon93 posted...
Yes everyone, if Metacritic says a game is good, then it must be.

Look at Half-Life 2, never a more generic and boring game, yet everyone loves it

Right!? I don't get it!
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I agree this is better than uncharted, but this also wouldn't exist without uncharted (and uncharted may not exist without original tomb raider). They were ready to go an entirely different direction with this game, but decided to go the way they did and I bet it was influenced in part by the success of uncharted. They probably thought, let's mimic uncharted, but add in other things (like more open world). That's what they did and it definitely is better than uncharted.
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I never liked Uncharted so...sure.
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