How many thought this game template would make a great Tenchu game?

#1BlooddovePosted 3/29/2013 9:48:51 AM
If you took the core mechanics, added some more complex melee combat and change the over all theme to ninja, how great would a Tenchu game be based off this engine.? As I played it that was my thought on how fun a Tenchu game controlling like this would be. Great game by the way, love every moment from start to finish.:)

I even thought Rachet and Clank: Deadlock when it came out, would have made a great template for an updated Contra game. You have co-op, special weapons, platforming, lots of enemies, and big bosses.
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#2AlesandrosPosted 3/29/2013 1:44:43 PM
I'm still waiting for that online co-op Tenchu game to end all Tenchu games.

It just needs the be a blend of Tenchu Z, Assassin's Creed, Metal Gear, and it'd be great.
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#3Shinobi_DaisukePosted 4/1/2013 12:44:51 AM
I thought the exact same thing when the Japanese settings started coming in. They were so, so great. My favorite environments in any game, I dare say.

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