Lara's Evolution

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User Info: BayouJoe

4 years ago#1
Lara's Evolution: Ingame Comparison 1996 - 2013
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User Info: FredCat07

4 years ago#2
Those character in early games seemed like older version to me, until 2013!
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User Info: monkeehands

4 years ago#3
That music hit me square in the face with a nostalgia bat

User Info: killered3

4 years ago#4
We have 4 Laras now, classic Lara, Last Revelation Lara, Legend Lara, and Uncharted Lara. Each with a different voice and each only had a trilogy. Will this one outlast the rest?

User Info: DrNewcenstein

4 years ago#5
Probably not, but as long as this one gets a trilogy, I'll be happy. Then in a few years when someone else buys the title, maybe they'll get it right, at least for a trilogy.
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