This game worth a go?

#1B0vrilPosted 10/10/2013 2:14:51 PM
I think I've played too much GTA V. Been thinking of giving this game a go.

I've never played any Tomb Raider games.
#2KevageitPosted 10/10/2013 5:56:31 PM
I hadn't really played any TR games before this and I enjoyed it quite a bit. It's pretty good all around, fun to just run around with decent puzzles. Decent array of weapons, story's not bad, QTEs are a pain until you get used to them. I got it on sale for $20 so it was worth it for me, any more than that is a maybe.
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#3otakutwinPosted 10/11/2013 1:09:03 PM
It's worth it just for the story and action parts. Good character development and some pretty great scenery.
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#4shinnok2k5Posted 10/12/2013 10:41:42 PM
I grew up playing all the tomb raider games (i was around 11 when the first one came out on psx) and i enjoyed this entry. Though i do have nostalgia issues, and i miss being able to make lara dive head first into the ground from anywhere, this game is great and doesn't require any prior experience with the tomb raider series. you'll probably enjoy it more actually.
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#5mewmew42Posted 10/15/2013 8:06:20 AM
definitely worth it.the developers really put in that extra mile in this

i played tomb raider during the PS1 PS2 era,it has gone easier on the platform part and puzzles,but taking off my nostalgic goggles, this game is just amazing

got most of it 71% in 2 days full time 3 hrs sleep.story is just awesome.just when you thought your at the end of the tunnel,a new twist/plot bumps in.enjoy
#6B0vril(Topic Creator)Posted 10/16/2013 12:30:41 PM
Sounds great! I'll give it ago.
#7B0vril(Topic Creator)Posted 10/16/2013 4:53:05 PM
And I better enjoy it... or else!