Things that make me rage as a TR fan ...

#1gametypeplayerPosted 1/4/2012 8:00:37 PM(edited)
1. Comparisons to Uncharted. Specifically "Uncharted is what Tomb Raider should have always been". Uncharted is a cinematic third person shooter, TR is an adventure puzzle action game. Very different games aside from theme. It's kind of like saying Bejeweled should have been Tetris.

2. "Tomb Raider controlled on a grid". I'm surprised how many people will say this or some variant. It's like a troll statement that people started believing. What really sucks about it is you really can't just say it didn't because every game game controls on a grid to some extent, a coordinate plane. When people say this they are actually implying that it controls like StarTropics or something which is pretty much false except the back up move which was intentionally spaced out whatever unit the levels where designed on to help make controls more accurate.

These two things ... I swear people just want to look for reasons to bash TR now ... :)
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I'm with you 100 percent. Uncharted is a cinematic experience that you play as TPS while Tomb Raider is an action-adventure title that you platform, puzzle solve and explore in a vast world. Uncharted = very linear due to it being primarily a story based experience, Tomb Raider = more open world to an extent being that the story and the design of the game encourage it.

Both are played designed differently, both are played differently and they are barely ANYTHING alike. People just see that both character raid artifacts and label them the same. Yet if I go say every FPS game is the same they'll start raging. Morons most gamers today are sadly.
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100 % agree with point 1.

with everything actually ^^
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Although the reason people mentioned the grid thing was because in old tomb raider games, her legs were spread when she stood still and it matched the size the blocks on the ground. everything looked like different pattern floor tiles. But it was a ps1 game and the first that let you explore HUGE open levels! So it was still awesome!
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Those things make you rage? Calm down dude its just a game. Why get upset over something someone else says? 

#6mledPosted 3/30/2012 6:02:50 PM

Wanna know what makes me rage? This Tomb Raider reboot...


Like we needed it.

#7SonicNashPosted 3/30/2012 9:41:52 PM
mled posted...
Wanna know what makes me rage? This Tomb Raider reboot... Like we needed it.

It did, Tomb Raider was only popular because of Lara Croft having big boobs but big boobs is mainstream now, so Tomb Raider felt into obscurity.

Now the series can actually be taken seriously now.
#8Jynx_1991Posted 3/31/2012 3:31:30 PM

mled posted...

Wanna know what makes me rage? This Tomb Raider reboot...


Like we needed it.

I strongly disagree. A reboot is definitely necessary for tomb raider, considering she's become more and more of a "sexy icon" as opposed to a relatable and real woman. I'm glad this Lara can actually be taken seriously.

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From: Zidaneski | #005
Those things make you rage? Calm down dude its just a game. Why get upset over something someone else says? 

Because a ridiculous amount of people believe that bulls*** and I'm sick of hearing it?
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#10mledPosted 4/1/2012 11:19:15 AM

SonicNash and Jynx_1991, I assume you are Tomb Raider fans, you probably even played a few (or all) of the old Tomb Raiders, did the boobs or that they made Lara into a sex symbol get in the way of the action adventure puzzles?


I also dislike what they did with the character, but I still played Tomb Raider because even though the games were very similar (gameplay wise) we all come back to the same genre or favorite games sooner or latter.


The reboot will deny all the old games, it's like they never existed, the games that made me like Tomb Raider will be in a sense "deleted" by this reboot. I'm sure I'm not alone in this.


If you played the first Tomb Raider and liked it then by agreeing with this reboot you are condemning the game that got you into the series.


Now, to stay a bit on topic:

1-Tomb Raider does have a similarity with Uncharted, they both degenerated into fast sellers that used the fame of the first game to sell the others. Other than that they are quite different, Uncharted is more about shooting and Tomb Raider is more about puzzles.



2-And even though Tomb Raider is not controlled on a grid, it is still limited by the grid when it comes to specific jumps, in the old games you had to be aligned with the grid or you'd fail some jumps, as for the new games like Legend I have no idea why someone would say they are controlled on a grid, in fact they allow for much more freedom in jumping since the distance between jumps and the point you can jump from vary a lot.