Tomb Raider fans, which TR game is your favourite?

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3 years ago#1

Mine is revelations and anniversary. Revelations because it was my very first tomb raider game and anniversary because well, it's pretty damn perfect in all aspects: exploration, puzzles (very difficult puzzles which I love), more fleshed out story, her mansion, etc. I could go on and on. I've honestly lost count as to how many times I played anniversary lol.

Anyways, I would love to know what your guys's faves are and why.

3 years ago#2

Tomb Raider II is my favorite, followed by I and then III. The puzzles are crazy in those games. 

3 years ago#3
The first one, Revelations, and III.

The first one is just an amazing experience, phenomenal level design, innovative concepts, great atmosphere.
III, Had very much the spirit of the original but slightly modernized and the challenge taken up to 11.
Revelations, at the time the game was just of an epic scope. Kind of exemplifies what Tomb Raider was for me.

I also have a soft spot for chronicles, the game really wasn't that bad. Although it was kind of jarring as a follow up to something like Revelations.

II, while not bad, might possibly be my least favorite. Just way too much combat and not enough Raid'n.

In the second continuity, Anniversary was my favorite simply due to nostalgia. Legend was a great action game, so much fun to play those shoot outs, but it just didn't feel like Tomb Raider. Never got to play Underworld.
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3 years ago#4

^ I'm glad you never played underworld... lol seriously though, it's not that bad but really it's just not on the same level as the other tomb raider games. To make matters worst, underworld has the worst camera, stuttering, clunky, feel to it that gives me a headache from playing which I've recently learned that I'm not the only person who suffers from this, a lot of people apparently develop headaches from playing underworld also.

I also hate what they've done to Lara's personality in underworld, they've made her so cold/bland and more like an icon as opposed to a human. It's very difficult to even empathize with her, especially when she has zero emotion. I loved her personality in anniversary and legend.

3 years ago#5
TR2, Legend, and Anniversary.
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3 years ago#6
1. Last Revelation
The definitive Tomb Raider experience. Just about everything was perfect in this one.

2. TR3
Loved the variety and challenge in this one. All the different locations were fun and had a unique feel. Overall story wasn't that great but the subplots for each location were enjoyable with a nice colourful cast of characters.

3. TR2
Much for the same reasons as TR3, although the story was almost non existant for this one and some areas like the oil rig were a bit dull.

4. TR1
Great game but a bit bland compared to the sequels.

5. Anniversary
Much better graphics and controls from the first game plus Larson was a huge improvement over the classic one. Puzzles were fantastic and the remake St. Francis Folly is one of my favourite levels in any TR game. Unfortunately too many areas were cut, some areas looked like a playground with all the poles and white ledges, I didn't like how the boss fights were set in an "arena" and despite expanding the story it somehow became a lot more shallow and cliche over the original. Not a fan of Natla becaming a Disney villain stereotype either. And the first kill subplot was one of the most embarrassing moments in the series.

But b****ing aside it is still a very solid game.

6. Legend
Fun with the most replayability, but too short, easy and linear. The constant radio chatter got annoying. Story was decent but the characters were dull and forgetable (Amanda aside) and the change in Lara's backstory to include her parents into the plot was one of the worst things to happen to the series. Lucky the reboot has fixed that.

7. Chronicles
Like Legend too short, easy and linear. The first two levels of Rome were very boring but the rest of the game was enjoyable. Story was forgetable and a bit too campy at times. The biggest problem with this game is it has no identity. Everything it does the previous games did better, but it doesn't really add anything else to make it stand out.

8. Underworld
Thailand was fun. Parts of Mexico and Med Sea had their moments. Other than that its just a boring game. I really had trouble motivating myself to play this one. Controls are worse than Legend/Anniversary but not unplayable. Story was abysmal. Everything was too cliche, melodramatic and predictable. The characters were boring and don't even do anything in this one. Everyone is really just hanging around until the climax where we suddenly got ourselves your typical end of the world scenario.

9. Angel of Darkness
Unplayable. Simple as that. I've beaten it twice but I don't think I could ever go back again. Especially the two platforming minilevels in the Hall of Seasons. Controls and camera are the worst I've ever experienced and theres too many glitches. In its defense it does have the best written story and soundtrack in the series along with a solid cast. And the game delivered when it came to atmosphere, but in the end none of that changes that the gameplay was atrocious and that should always be the strongest part of any game.
3 years ago#7
TR 1
TR 2
TR 3
TR Underworld
TR Anniversary
TR Revelations
TR Angel of Darkness
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3 years ago#8
Anniversary. It and REmake are the perfect examples of a remake done right. And Legends is great especially with all the headset chatter between Lara, Zip, and Alister. I just wish the game was longer. I hope Zip and Alister show up in the next game.

As for the Core games, I like all of them save for Angel of Darkness. But if I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be The Last Revelation. Longest game out of the bunch with a load of content, interesting locales, and some obscure puzzles. Only downside to The Last Revelation is that it is impossible to play and finish without having to consult some sort of walkthrough. I'm not at all kidding when I say that and I somehow, someway managed to beat TR1-3 without a guide when they first came out. The puzzles to TLR are just so much more off the wall and obtuse and many of their solutions require you having to do things that you've never seen before in TR1-3. TLR could have used more weapons though. The crowbar is practically useless (outside of one puzzle in Alexandria) unless you have the explosive ammo.
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3 years ago#9
*crowbar, I actually meant crossbow.
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3 years ago#10

Hi, Knee! Didn't know you played tomb raider (my fave game!).

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