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3 years ago#1
Hello, dear browser of the Syndicate board.

Excited for the release? I bet you are, this is undoubtedly one of the biggest games to launch next month, and very welcome after the rather boring January we had (apart from Katawa Shoujo :P). But are you perhaps worried that the online modes will be a borefest, only ever seeing random people, and no familiar faces, no friends? Almost everything is better when done with friends, you know. Especially teamwork and tactical approaches to every situation in-game.

If you agree, perhaps you`d like to join our clan, the Brotherhood of the Commissioned (BotC for short). We are a jolly group of about 80 people, about 30 of which post daily on our forum. We`d love for you to join us, so our number of members that will soon be playing Mass Effect 3's MP will grow, which will increase the chance to be able to play with someone you know, instead of random strangers. And seeing as most of us have mics, working together as a team will be much easier, especially after getting to know eachother's preferences on the battlefield better.

Everyone is allowed to join, and always welcome, but we`d appreciate it if you;

- Are nice to other clanmembers
- Post on our forum (a lovely place, with quite some humorous regulars) once in a while (you're more than welcome to drop in all day, every day :)!).
- don`t act obnoxious in-game.

We hold fun and friendship in high regard, and can be competitive when we want, but we`ll never kick you out because "Hurrrrr, ur K/D ratio is 2 low" or "Durrrrr, U dont play with us for 8 hours a day?". We play to have a good time. And you don`t have to sign up for just one game, we play a plethora of titles, ranging from RPGs to shooters, and everything in between. We somehow still have an active group of Killzone players, are busy with tiles like COD, BF, Fifa, and Twisted Metal, while SSX, Syndicate, and Binary Domain will be hot in the future (well, that last title not so much, we`ve got just one member who intends to get it). But really, just about everything with multiplayer components has a place in our group!

Thank you very much for reading, and I hope you will consider joining me and my bro`s and sis at BotC. If you have any questions, don`t be afraid to post them here. Or take a look around our forum (link in sig), so you can experience first hand how fun a clan can be! Our forum is also the place where you sign up; if you do, you're expected to post around a bit, make some acquaintances, and add whoever you want to your friends list.

And if you are already in a clan, that`s okay. We have many friendly contacts with other clans, but something we don`t do are clanmatches. As said, we don`t want to be that competitive in gaming. `S all about fun! Come for the games, stay for the friends ;)
Great clan, forum, and community, do check us out!
3 years ago#2
Ah, good to see we're busy with recruiting for ME3!

Goodmorning everyone, I'm Tai. Joined up with BotC a month or so ago, and it has been great fun. These guys are playing all day; due to having in both NA and Europe, there's always someone online to talk to/challenge. We hold lil' parties regularly, like Playing While Intoxicated, which is exactly what you think it is (you can be intoxicated on whatever, even milk!), boost Trophies whenever neccessary, and posse up for RDR every once in a while, to name but a few activities.

And Syndicate is gonna be big for us; I'll be getting it, and quite some others will as well, despite the busy times we live in (ME3 and SSX, to name two big titles that come out soon).

I was on the fence when I first got invited to this group, but I haven't regretted my decision to sign up for even a single second. I can heartily recommend signing up!
3 years ago#3
Oh man, I somehow used Syndicate instead of Mass Effect 3, that's incredibly dumb. Maybe I shouldn't be typing when I have my mind elsewhere ;_;
Great clan, forum, and community, do check us out!
3 years ago#4
Well I'll be looking for legitimate players for the MP version of this game when it's time.
If you want, add NashtheLion.

Used to do the whole "clan" thing in BF3, but recently left.
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N o c t u r n e
3 years ago#5
Why's that, Nash? Did your old clan become too inactive for your liking? That happens rather often, people come and go, which is why we're so busy recruiting. But you're more than welcome to join up with us, whenever you want; we usually discuss playing times and matches on our own forum.
Great clan, forum, and community, do check us out!
3 years ago#6
Clans lol. Never joining anything like a guild after my WoW days.
3 years ago#7
Too much drama, Falaax? It happens from time to time; infights breaking out, mods on power trips, and other such problems. Only all-time low we ever hit was when one of our dearest members died, though. That really brought us together ;_;

Ah well, we're still open for business. Having loads of fun with the demo as well, though the SP part didn't impress me. I mean, have you ever seen such weird running animation (excluding Dead Island glitches)?
3 years ago#8
The SP part of the demo was plenty dissapointing, man. Bioware had better improve a lot of things before they even dare launch the full game, if this was indicative.

But if anything, the MP saved it for me; class mode, which I hadn't expected.
Great clan, forum, and community, do check us out!
3 years ago#9
hmm, you guys sound pretty interesting, maybe ill join up :D
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3 years ago#10
You should yayyer, I joined two weeks ago as of today. Was a little cautious at first but they welcomed me with open arms. Just make sure to post quite a bit so everyone knows you're there.
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