I finally beat the game. Please help me be angry.

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****This will contain SPOILERS****

Ok so I know I am late but I finally beat Mass Effect 3. I will explain my feelings as I played tonight.

I am on Earth and we are losing terribly. All major planets have been destroyed and Earth is on its last legs and the Citadel has been kidnapped. Most organic life is wiped out at this point.

Wave after overwhelming wave made me think that the game was going to end like Crysis Core with Shepard dying in a wave of Reapers and never even completing the Crucible. I am thinking this way because I have only been hearing about the crazy level of disappointment long time fans have had with this game or this games ending. So I am just waiting for some far out foul **** to go down.

So the game continues and we get blown up by a reaper laser and I assume that this is the end. It wasnt.

Keep going and talk to Anderson and Illusive Man who has paralysis/mind control powers now. (Uh oh) I thought maybe a final boss fight was incoming but I ended up shooting him dead.

Me and Anderson sat down and chilled and I guess he died to. I wasnt shocked, I figured at this point everyone was dead. Until Hacket called and said the Crucible was a piece of crap that didnt work. I was like awwww wtf.

But then I floated and talked to the little ghost kid who I now cal Casper. He basically explained the entire reason of the Reapers, how he controls them, how his plan will no longer work anymore and how it was now my choice to choose how to effect the entire universe!

So I could either kill all the Reapers, which seemed to easy and it could backfire. Plus Casper warned that we will only do that to get taken over by synthetics once again. Terminators bah!

Or I could control the Reapers myself but I dont see wtf logic would make me want to do that. Of course I could stop them but I would be like the Illusive man, hell it probably would turn me into a damn Reaper. So no.

My final choice was to evolve existence to it's pique by combing synthetics and organics into a perfect DNA combining bliss. Well since we are all going to die or already dead in this war I figured why not this one? If we have to start over lets do it this way.

So I jumped in the light, saw memories of Joker, Anderson and Liara and died. Expected/10. Then I see the war end, I see the Normandy get caught in the light then later see the results of my choice. The plants are robots the robots are humans etc. Its crazy. I see my crew landed on a inhabitable planet and from here the recycling process begins.

Mass Relays are gone and life will start over for everyone on whatever planet they happened to be on during the Galaxy-wide fireworks show. Well a lot better than being dead.

Epic music at the end with a beautiful scene. Then boom. The credits. I didnt understand. I was waiting for the part to piss me off, but the part never came. Now I am not an idiot so I KNOW that I am not the only person that is not upset with this ending, but maybe I missed something.

This ending to me was on par with some of my favorite endings of all time, the ending to Crisis Core and the ending to Red Dead Redemption. I have never read into why everyone is so pissed and calling Bioware the bane of video games now.

So please, I saw the ending and I am happy and pleased with the closure even though I am full of sadness that my favorite video game universe of all time has come to an end. So clearly something is wrong with me because I have no desire to hate this game or the ending or Bioware or call the FBI (lol). Please help me be angry?
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Yes! Another person who actually likes the ending! Though I had no idea how to do the Synthesis option, so my choice was Control, but great ending anyway.
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Well, there's no accounting for taste. To wit: my brother thinks sarah jessica parker is pretty, my mother thinks rosie o'donnell is funny and my sister loves brussel sprouts. Try as i may i cannot convince any of them to see reason since there is no objective standard for such things.

I suppose this is a similar situation. Though i don't see how the endings could be considered good in a literary sense. They are replete with character assassinations, disjointed writing, lazy plot devices and outright plot holes. Perhaps some people aren't concerned with whether or not the story makes sense, that's fine. The world needs people to watch vin diesel movies as well i suppose...

But it also seems that many people take issue with the fact that bioware made many promises about the endings which they did not live up to. So if someone is mad about the endings it probably has something to do with one of those. Personally, i don't care about broken promises since i dont pay attention to pre-launch hype. I would have liked to see a coherent conclusion to this series however...
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just finished this last night as well. at first i didnt feel much. it was just a bit nothing but having had time over night to think about it there are many things that annoyed me

bit of an incoherent mess as ive just been typing stuff out as it comes into my head but here are my thoughts on the ending

Ok the best bit of this game was the dialogue with Garrus was just brilliant. Throughout the game your relationship with him is just so nice.

I think the ending was fine up till you were elevated up on that platform like some space jesus.
Then it makes no sense. Who is this hologram light boy?
He claims the reapers are made by him to bring order to the chaos and to stop the machines from destroying their creators which every every cycle. Then why have the reapers not destroyed him? And what kind of stupid solution is that to the organic/synthetic argument? lets destroy you to save you from being destroyed. yeah good one. why would shepard just accept this ***** and his reapers rather than try to find a way to fight him. that would be more in keeping with shepard rather than just accepting it.

It would make more a bit more sense if the geth were more prominent in the series and the conflict with the quarians wasn't resolved and the quarians died earlier in the game. but it would still be a stupid reason.

Then the final endings were pretty much the same. Didn't they say there would be 16 different endings?
In all 3 outcomes the relays are destroyed. Making all those resolutions to the conflicts pointless. you never get to see how the geth and quarians get along, if the krogans rise up to dominate etc.

in the final battle, all the people that you accumulated to help you never really get to see make a proper impact. all you get to see is some ships during a cutscene and a few krogans in london. wheres this galactic army that you amassed?
the lack of any sort of dialogue with the reapers as well. when i heard sovereign and some other reapers were heading back down to london i expected at least something.

The whole series was about getting you emotionally involved but in the end your choices ended up in the same place

im ok with that being one of the endings but there should have been a choice maybe to sacrifice earth in order to save the relays and the rest of the galaxy. they way it ended, it just seems maybe it would be better that the reapers did win. cos at least then the relays would be intact.

how joker had time to rescue your squadmates and then get out of the system. i don't understand why joker would be running away when it was the final battle. He would never leave Shepard behind. And was them landing on that Eden like planet meant to be a good thing? Cos to me that's awful. No relays, no ship, no hope of getting home. they are just gonna die there. A cripple, a prothean that wants to die and an asari that can live up to a millennium.

that ending with the old man and child with tales of the shepard was corny as hell

had a look at the indoctrination theory as well. if its true it would be a decent twist to save the crappy ending but then if they saved a true ending for paid for DLC then that is absolute bull crap and i would be done with this series and bioware.

to screw the fans out of a proper ending like that after so much emotional investment is just awful. even if its free DLC then i would still be annoyed that they shipped an incomplete/ ill concieved ending to game.

the message at the end was just a slap in the face as well. "commander shepard has become a legend. continue to build that legend with more DLC"
**** off

this has left me with a sour taste. its tainted the whole series for me. theres no payoff for our involvement in the characters.

i cant see myself replaying this game again.
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There's plenty of reasons why those who didn't like the ending, didn't.
I think the thing that really made me say 'wtf' was when the child says in order to prevent synthetics from taking over and killing their creators, he made the reapers(synthetics) so they can kill organic life every 50k years....to prevent synthetics from killing them.

Seriously, like the ending all you want, thats just horrible writing. As someone put it in an article i read: its akin to “You burned dinner, so I have to incinerate the city to save you from the dangers of a kitchen fire.”

this also fits here: http://cdn2.gamefront.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/ME3yodawg.jpg
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Just out of curiosity... did the TC play ME2? :p
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spoiler alert:

actually I' m kinda content with that ending, the sacrifice is very emotional. At least the war ends, Shepard dies saving humanity. Before I finish the game, everyone on the board has been complaining about the ending, so I guess I kinda wanna finish this game and see what is so bad about it.

I got Mordin sacrifice himself, Miranda dies in my arm, but that was my own decision that cause their demise, watching them dies, its painful. Watching that ending, it feels like finally all those threats are over, galaxy is at peace.
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Didn't you post this on the PC boards?
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aaronisbla posted...
There's plenty of reasons why those who didn't like the ending, didn't.
I think the thing that really made me say 'wtf' was when the child says in order to prevent synthetics from taking over and killing their creators, he made the reapers(synthetics) so they can kill organic life every 50k years....to prevent synthetics from killing them.

Seriously, like the ending all you want, thats just horrible writing. As someone put it in an article i read: its akin to “You burned dinner, so I have to incinerate the city to save you from the dangers of a kitchen fire.”

Posts like this are one of the reasons I think that everyone who hates on the ending is a friggin idiot (Don't get me wrong the ending is not great but it's passable). The kid specifically says they don't kill all organic life, only harvest the advanced cultures. It's amazing how paying attention and using your brain can turn a "OMG WORST ENDING EVER!!!" into "Oh that makes sense"
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If you think the ending is okay, then it is okay. There's no need to try and conform to what others are saying. I have my opinions about the ending as well and it may or may not match up with yours. Is it a big deal? Nope.

Bottom line: This is still a very good game whether you find the ending good or not.
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