A big flaw in the Indoctrination Theory

#1jbergmanPosted 4/14/2012 5:41:45 AM
Ive been watching and reading up on the Indoctrination Theory since i hated the ending of this game and personaly i dont buy it but i dont have a problem with people that do, the ending is wide open to all kinds of interpretations.

There is however one big flaw that i havnt seen anyone else mention and thats what happens on Thessia when Kai Leng enters the temple to steal the info on the catalyst, the hologram of the prothean senses an indoctrinated lifeform and vanishes. Why did it not sense this in Sheppard?

Im sure this can be explained in some way by people that believe in the theory but i found it strange to say the least, and i dont think anyone believes that Sheppard was indoctrinated after that point in the story.

Hopefully the DLC ending will shed some light on it but even if they say that the theory is correct ill probably still think that bioware listened to the fans idea and stole it.
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Well this is a pretty heavily debated point if you had been reading the discussions. I can't remember exactly, but basically indoctrination takes a long time and the whole ending sequence is actually a battle AGAINST the process of indoctrination, as opposed to Shepard actually being indoctrinated throughout the game. Something like that. There are a lot of topics on it.
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you could just ignore everything the theory says about what happens before you storm towards that beam at the end. only the last part is relevant
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The Indoctrination Theory is a big flaw.
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some argue that a Prothean VI can only detect indoctrinated agents. Shepard at that point, whilst supposedly fighting indoctrination, wasn't indoctrinated.

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No, the ending is the flaw, the Indoctrination Theory is about the only way to make sense of it.
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Evolution_basic posted...
No, the ending is the flaw, the Indoctrination Theory is about the only way to make sense of it.

yeah, id agree with that. i dunno what i would think about the ending if i hadnt read about the indoctrination theory shortly after completing the game
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care to explain why?
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Best VIs do not have the ability to learn like AIs

The prothean VI cannot detect a subject on the way to being indoctrinated.

The IT states that the final sequence was shepard fighting to be indoctrinated, and if you take the best choice "destroy", shepard has sucessfully fought off the reapers efforts to indoctrinate him (illusive man is dead) Watch this video for more information


I think bioware thought we were smarter than we really are. They didnt put indoctrination blatantly in everyone face, they left subtle clues to it.

I think bioware/reapers just fooled us all.
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I like to think it was a coincidence. As in, it didn't bother scanning for indoctrinated people until Kai Leng showed up, and that just happened to be good timing. So it was in fact detecting Shepard.

I'm aware that's totally stupid, but it makes me laugh so I like to believe it anyway.

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