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3 years ago#1
Salarian Infiltrator

3 mods you should use:
---Shredder--- Best against Cerberus and Reapers, decent against Geth. It's main use is making Brutes, Banshees, and the like look like butter. It's secondary use is blowing through guardians. Pyros die quick enough regardless, so it's not anything special against Geth. Its tertiary, and most amusing application is flanking while cloaked to line up multiple enemies and blow the whole mob away with a single shot. xD
---High Caliber Barrel--- The more damage buffs, the better. Probably less necessary outside of gold, but this with the shredder and a debuffing prox mine makes brutes and banshees look like butter. No joke.
---Smart Choke--- This seems to be a lot better than it would appear on the stats bars. This seems to effectively double or triple the optimal range of this weapon. It tightens the spread, making headshots at large distances even easier.

The other two mods are useless for this build. It's not a melee build, and an infiltrator can always find ammo. Just don't go down to 1 or 2, and keep on top of it.

The build is 6/6/5/6/3

Tactical Cloak -6- Damage, Recharge, Bonus Power
- so right of the bat, it becomes a shotgun-specific build (unless you like the Saber or Paladin, which are also viable, but a different playstyle)
- you wont be using melee, so go with recharge. Because you are trying to always be cloaked before using powers, those other powers use TC's recharge time, even when using the bonus power. Porx Mine has kind of a bad recharge, especially with a Claymore. Making TC faster makes Prox Mine AND Energy Drain faster, which means more DPS and more shield re-buffing.
- Bonus power is a necessity unless you feel like frequently missing with the claymore. It's not always easy to aim down your sight before using a power, then quickly getting a headshot. You can also cloak, Drain for shields, and go revive someone with no problems. It makes everything so much easier.

Energy Drain -6- Radius, Shield Recharge, Armor
-pretty standard. There is no shield gating with a claymore, so you don't need all the shields gone. This ability is primarily to keep you alive, and it works amazingly well. This is the only character who can recharge shields while cloaked outside of the Geth Engineer's turret helping, or using Ops Packs. This is a HUGE benefit. Absolutely massive.

Proximity Mine -5- radius, defense debuff
- This ability is not really for the damage, but it really does a lot more than expected, since it gets a 90% buff from TC. You could go with damage for rank 4, but it's not the main focus of the ability. I go with radius to get more targets with the debuff.
- defense de-buff is key. If you are playing silver, you cloak, prox mine, and shoot a brute, and it's dead. O.O ... Take the defense debuff perk, NOT the speed debuff (which is pretty lame)
- no need for level 6, since it's not about the damage. However, if you find Fitness as useless as many people do, you can go with the 6th rank. I don't even remeber what the options are o.O

Salarian Operative -6- weapon damage, headshot, weapon damage
- pretty standard. Neither of the powers are used for direct damage, and the other options are not even that necessary.
- (side note) A geth infiltrator with power damage buffs, hunter mode for power useage and damage, and capactiy, spamming Proximity Mine would be an AMAZING set-up...

Fitness -3-
- overall, pretty useless. You don't get hit much, you don't need melee damage, and Energy Drain and Cloak do a good job of keeping you alive. Both of your powers stagger/stun enemies, as does the Claymore... you should be fine. You could even go with 0 and 6 in prox mine.

more to come
PSN ~ ThatOddGuy
3 years ago#2
quick note: whenever I mention reloading, I mean reload cancelling. This is done by performing an action or [attemting] to use a power during the reload sequence to end it. Do this when your clip ammount goes to 1, and you cuz the sequence in half. Double the DPS, baby!

Second quick note: before this build, I had a low opinion of Proximity Mine. A simple radius buff has turned my head, and should do the same for everybody.

My Claymore is lvl 7, but my previous build was amazing with claymore at lvl 1. Don't worry, there.

some tips:

Main sequence: cloak -> power -> shoot -> reload cancel -> shoot -> rinse -> repeat -> profit

Use proximity mine as a grenade launcher in the middle of combat, and only use it when cloaked. This nullifies its lousy recharge. This ability is a good AOE stagger ability. Hit the chest if you can, or just blow their feet off. It makes no difference, really. It's also good to put one in a choke point behind you. You'll know if someone is sneaking up on you. The damage buff is a huge bonus for you and your whole team. Mostly for you :P Because it is a percentile decrease, the gains are most, and hugely, noticeable against tough enemies like the bosses.

This build shines the brightest against the Geth mainly due to it's apparent indestructibility... o.O Not literaly, but cloak, drain, get some breathing room, and blow some heads off, rinse and repeat is pretty hard for them to cope with. Prioritize hunters, and nearby pyros. Keep an eye on that annoying rocket troopers, too. If you know you're fighting geth use smart choke instead of shredder, and just blow them up from a decent distance. They offer their mates good suppressive fire, so they are worth taking down. Save your prox mines for primes for the debuff.

Against reapers, just keep a decent distance. Forget Energy Drain unless you manage to find a Marauder. Even hunt for marauders if you need some shields, and some armor. Proximity Mine takes care of swarmers and husks. Cannibals don't last much longer. Beyond that, and more importantly, it makes all those armored targets so easy.

Cerberus is pretty simple. Energy Drain frequently and blow stuff up.
PSN ~ ThatOddGuy
3 years ago#3
If you don't feel like reading a wall of text, it's 6/6/5/6/3

Proximity Mine is severely underrated
PSN ~ ThatOddGuy
3 years ago#4
Geth Infiltrator would make the Claymore more powerful thanks to 25% bonus from Hunter Mode (as well as accuracy boost), but you'll have to sacrifice Energy Drain to do it. As usual...shoot that Proxy Mine before each cloaked shot.
~El Psy Congroo~
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3 years ago#5
yeah, no drain and 1/2 shields is something to cope with. I would use GPS with that build because you can charge -> cloak -> prox mine -> release shot -> still cloaked LOLOLOLOLOL

It is a lot more fragile, but has a higher damage potential if you can stay safe. Energy Drain makes geth a joke and cerberus too. Reapers are always tougher, but they still aren't too bad.

With a geth build, I'd like to see what happens if you buff power damage, use either GPS or some 200% recharge (Carnifex?) and spam prox mine with damage buffs. It would be amusing to see.

With the Claymore, I'll stick with Salarian thanks to Energy Drain. Because of reload cancelling, Claymore's DPS is close to double the GPS and Graal, so the Geth buff from Hunter and geth weapons is minor in comparison to reload cancel.

Claymore on the Geth is a little risky for gold. If you can manage, it is certainly stronger.

Since the previous balance changes, proximity mine really is THAT much better :O
PSN ~ ThatOddGuy
3 years ago#6
whats debuff?
up yours
3 years ago#7
you know what a buff is? A buff increases you stats in some way or another.

to debuff an enemy is the opposite; to decrease their stats. In the case of proximity mine, it lowers their defense (don't take the speed-lowering option. ever.)
PSN ~ ThatOddGuy
3 years ago#8
The rank 5 evolution of proxy causes the enemy that gets hit with it to take 20% more damage from all forms of attack for 8 seconds. It's very potent when used on boss enemies and the team gangs up on them, or at making rapid fire weapons more on par with oneshot weapons.

It's also great as a tool to stun advancing enemies, such as Hunters or Pyros. Halts their advance immediately for a couple seconds.

The people who write off proxy mine are fools. It's an extremely good power. Like an infinite use grenade.
~El Psy Congroo~
PSN ID: FatBeezzee
3 years ago#9
Well, it's 1m radius buff is a huge deal because rank 4 increases it further. It's great.

The trick with prox mine is using it as a grenade launcher. Hit the chest or the feet, whatever works. I don't think direct hits deal more damage or anything.
PSN ~ ThatOddGuy
3 years ago#10

mmm ill try that on my geth infiltrator when i get one, guess it works the same, switching energy drain into hunter mode for even more damage... 

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