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3 years ago#1
so i just finished me3 with extended cut dlc installed and i want to know what the original endings were like and what changes took place i know it will be difficult since there where multiple endings but what exactly did this dlc add was the original ending bad to the point they added more?
3 years ago#2
Basically, the original endings just ended with the scene of the Normandy crashing on that jungle planet, there was no epilogue explaining anything.
3 years ago#3
are you talking about the catilist explanation with the ghostly looking boy
3 years ago#4
dedi85k posted...
Basically, the original endings just ended with the scene of the Normandy crashing on that jungle planet, there was no epilogue explaining anything.

^ That's the main difference. Here are a few others:

1) Extended Cut added the "Refusal" ending.
2) Extended Cut added and/or changed a few things to address continuity problems. The most notable example is the addition of a brief cutscene to the beam charging sequence in which Shepard's squadmates are evacuated by the Normandy.
3) The dialogue with the Catalyst kid is expanded quite a bit.
3 years ago#5
There are also many slides of the fate of the other races such as the Geth, Krogan and Quarians.
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3 years ago#6
Original ending

-No scene with squad members extracting. Originally we were left to assume they magically popped back on the Normandy.

-No scene with Hackett receiving the report that someone made it to the Citadel. Originally this was a glaring continuity hole because when Shepard gets up from being blasted by Harbinger, we hear Coats saying everyone has been wiped out and to retreat, yet after the confrontation with The Illusive Man, Hackett radios Shepard as if he knew he was there all along.

-No dialogue wheel with Star Child. Originally you just listened to what he said and then made your choice. No way to get more info from him.

-No refusal option

-No scene with Hackett telling the fleets to disengage and leave. After making your ending choice, the game literally jumped to the Normandy running away (with your squad members inexplicably being there)

The game originally ended with the Normandy crashing, and then you saw Joker and your squad members get off the ship. It would also play the Shepard breathing scene if applicable, and the Star Gazer scene at the end of the credits.

That means....

-No scene of the Normandy leaving the planet.

-No epilogue to explain the consequences of your decision.

The Extended Cut changed nothing. It just filled in the blanks in an attempt for a more cohesive narrative.
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3 years ago#7
I wouldn't say it changed nothing. I think those additions of those epilogue slides were huge! Like the original ending as is, I read that as everyone in the galaxy is cut off from one another, the Normandy crash lands on some planet, with no way to get home, and no way for rescuers to get to them in the crew's lifetimes. Or even a way to tell the rest of the galaxy they were marooned on some random planet.

So I thought they were going for some Battlestar Galatica style BS where the crew ends up building a society there, and in like a few millenia, when the rest of the galaxy figures out how to travel between systems without the relays (because in the original endings, it looks like the relays are destroyed no matter what, its only in extended cut where they make it clear they're only messed up in destroy, and in control and synthesis they're fine, or about to be fixed soon enough) they'll like run into a civilization made up of the descendants of the Normandy crew. There's nothing that pisses me off more in sci fi than the whole spacefaring people end up getting trapped on some planet and all their technology is destroyed and they revert back to like olden times before electricity and crap.

For me, I needed that whole, "okay, galactic civilization is not destroyed/separated, they're rebuilding things pretty well" that EC provided.
3 years ago#8
A turd is still a turd, no matter how much you polish it. I have issues with the entire CORE ending. Nevermind all the little details that the EC filled in. The lack of said details was just more fuel for the fire to me, not the fire itself.

That's all I'll say on the subject.
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3 years ago#9
thanks for explaining i was a bit confused it makes more sense now.
3 years ago#10

( spoilers )

I played both ways. First with no Extended ending. That was a kick in the chest, after all those hours of ME 2 and Me 3. Then I installed EC. I think your ending choices went from 2 to 4. and the 4th one was at least happy-ish. But still seemed to leave me with a hollow feeling.

I would say the extended ending is a MUST have. Without it, You might want to march to the Bioware headquarters and start cracking heads.

I did a big save right before the ending. So I could go back and experience them all. Also do that, so you can see what they are all like.

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