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Anyone up for some Platinum (Archived)OEIO99918/3/2012
are there more enemies with shield or armour? (Archived)xsniper90x68/3/2012
I hate my girlfriend... (Archived)superzero12259188/3/2012
Anyone have an effective paladin build? (Archived)Wyrmcraft58/2/2012
ME3: Ultimate Weapon: Day 12 (35) Geth SMG vs Scorpion / (43) Talon vs Valiant (Archived)
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any tips for a new player? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
I think a future DLC should be this. (Archived)Teepo98/2/2012
Regarding Character Cards... (Archived)
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EA Summer Showcase Thursday 1PM PDT - possible new stuff for ME3 SP? (Archived)void0338/2/2012
i want to get this for the ps3 but... (Archived)shadowtemari68/2/2012
Can someone give me tips on using Phoenix Vanguard and N7 Paladin? (Archived)
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How many hours do you play in a week? (Archived)
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The harrier still seems better than the typhoon to me. (Archived)tfc87ja98/2/2012
anybody else miss out? (Archived)DarkChii20048/1/2012
anyone who wants to help me and play bronze.. (Archived)
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Questions about save from ME2 (Archived)TakeItInTheFace58/1/2012
OMG check out this hot female Shep cosplay!! (Archived)TakeItInTheFace98/1/2012
Could just be my luck... (Archived)UniGiz260678/1/2012
Any news on upcoming single player DLC? (Archived)acealexander702108/1/2012
I am so freakin' mad! (Archived)scm6068/1/2012
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