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post Citadel story II & Add on content (Archived)tidus346512/11 8:45AM
Bioware missed a great opportunity... (Archived)Stanger5150412/11 8:41AM
Armor piercing on Geth plasma shotgun? (Archived)hak145512/6 11:16AM
LFM Multiplayer (Archived)xfingerheadx812/1 2:05AM
if my psn is linked (Archived)marc55211/27 6:23AM
Discounted DLC (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
TakeItInTheFace1211/26 6:15AM
When and what order should I do the DLC? (Archived)HipHopBeats311/25 4:54AM
About to start the trilogy. Could you help me sort the DLC? (spoilers maybe?) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
spikedebeaver1611/24 12:09PM
Is multiplayer still active? (Archived)HipHopBeats311/23 11:01PM
Did I miss chance for Liara romance? (Archived)Render9211/21 8:27PM
Argus Assault Rifle (Archived)shialen311/21 8:12PM
Just bought this, a few questions... (Archived)KoRnKoB411/19 4:27PM
How often do new sidequests become available at the Citadel? (Archived)DauthiBaldrs411/19 4:24PM
Easy way to get certain characters? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
silverhawk39011511/19 6:50AM
Horizon and Miranda Lawson - help please (spoilers) (Archived)vivagorditas7001011/18 7:40AM
Glitch in the trilogy (spoilers maybe) (Archived)spikedebeaver111/16 5:59PM
I'm getting so much lag in the combat simulator. (Archived)DauthiBaldrs211/16 11:16AM
Still playable MP ? (Archived)rogun12711/16 12:17AM
Inferno armor or Blood Dragon armor for my Engineer? (SP) (Archived)HitokiriPsycho311/15 3:10PM
Best way to level squad and use my credits? (Archived)KoRnKoB311/13 8:49PM
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