Can you become a Jarl ?

#1ZanarkandZPosted 10/30/2011 1:33:19 PM

So I read somwhere that since the High King of Skyrim is dead, the leadership of Skyrim is divided by the 5 Jarls, and two of them are competing with each other to become the next king (One supported by the Stormcloaks and the other by the Battle-Born)

I also remember reading somewhere that you could be a Jarl, is this true or just speculation ?

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Some one posted a few days ago about possibly becoming a thane according to the cover of one of the game guides but i dont think anyone really knows yet. I really really hope so though.
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I found the description in the wiki

Becoming a thane is good too, I was having a hard time believing you could become one of the top 5 most important people in Skyrim
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I don't know if you can become a Jarl, but it's been confirmed that you can become a Thane.
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Well being a dragonborn already makes you one of the top people in the world. If i am not mistaken, all the the kings up untill oblivion were dragon born or dragon born decendents, and now you are the last one.
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I don't know
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what is a Tharne?

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and leader of a house
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It is like a duke or a count.
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I don't know about becoming a Jarl but I plan to be like Jarl, from the Night Angel trilogy by Brent Weeks. I mean that in the empowering and clandestine leader of the underworld aspect, not the rentboy part
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