Does anyone know if FaceGen will work in Skyrim?

#1PercySJPosted 11/6/2011 9:45:10 AM
Before Oblivion was released, there was a program named FaceGen that you could download for your PC which would allow you to scan your own face from a picture or camera and would generate YOUR face onto the Oblivion character and would either allow you to import it to the PC version or give you the x,y coordinates for the different settings to input into the console version. I did this and it worked surprisingly well and generated a face more like mine than any of the current "Photo Game Face" programs have.

Granted I play 1st person 99% of the time, it was still cool to see my face in the game.

Has anyone heard if Skyrim uses the same character creation system as Oblivion? If so, this should work.

Here are some links for those interested:
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