Almost all the Daedra quest/shrine locations

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Boethia Shrine is NE from Windhelm. You get the Ebony Mail

Peryite Shrine is Northeast of Markarth. You get Spellbreaker Shield

Molag Bal's quest is from a Abandoned house in Markrath. You get Mace of Molag Bal

Sheogorath is from the Bartender in Solitudes bar

Clavicus Vile's quest is started by finding his dog Barbas. You get Masque of Clavicus Vile or the Rueful Axe

Hircine's quest is started by talking to the werewolf Sinding in Falkreath Barracks. You get Savior's Hide or the Ring of Hircine

Malacanth's shrine is at the orc camp Largashbur

Hermaeus Mora's shrine is to the far north of Winterhold at Septimus Signus's outpost

Azura's shrine is Just southeast of Winterhold. You get Azura's Star or Black Azura's star

Mehrune Dagon's shrine is mid-northwest in the map
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Thanks so much for this TC.
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any chance you can give us some artifact descriptions ?
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Here are the restrictions before you can start the quests

Azura- none
Boethiah- lvl 30
Clavicus Vile - lvl 10
Hermaeus mora - lvl 15
Hircine- none
Malacath - lvl 9
Mehrunes Dagon - lvl 20
Mephala - lvl 20 and complete dragon rising
Meridia - lvl 12
Molag Bal - none
Namira - none
Nocturnal - none
Peryite - lvl 10
Sanguine - lvl 14
Sheogorath - none
Vaermina - lvl 14
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Do you know where to get the key to get into Mehrunes Dagons?
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ST_Sikx posted...
Do you know where to get the key to get into Mehrunes Dagons?

You need to do a quest first, the quest will lead you to the shrine where you fight some mobs that drop the key. Its started in the museum in Dawnstar
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