Labyrinthian and how to get in

#1MaailmaemisterPosted 11/13/2011 6:39:40 AM
Hello, please, how to get inside the Labyrinthian by the round door which says "You lack the item required to use this door." What do I need? .. and where can i get that.

Also, about the Shalidor's Maze which is part of Labyrinthian object - is there something importatnt? I mean I went through the whole dungeon but there wasnt anything interesting except the Dremora Churl and two fire astronachs..

Thanks a lot
#2RuzinusPosted 11/13/2011 6:50:06 AM
It is part of a quest chain.
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#3KudZuPosted 11/13/2011 6:50:18 AM
You have to do the mage college quests to get into Labyrinthian. You get the item as part of the quest chain.