Buying a house in Whiterun (Post Stormcloak events)

#1kidbuu1Posted 11/15/2011 9:07:53 AM
I have a problem. I was able to by a house in Whiterun from the bald guy before, but I advanced the Stormcloaks storyline, and now that they have took control of Whiterun, the administration change, the bald guy doesn't exist anymore. To become a Thane of the new Jarl, he told me I must do 5 quests for the citizens and buy a house. However, I can't buy a house anymore, the bald guy doesn't exist, I talked to everyone in Dragonsreach and nobody is selling me one. I tried to mark "Buy a house in whiterun" as my active quest, but there is just no marker on the map. What am I supposed to do?
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Damn, this board is way too active, my topic gets buried in two minute
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hes dead, you cant buy a house there now.
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Are you serious lol? It's absurd that it's impossible to buy a house when the new Jarl gives me the objective to buy a house in a quest. There's got to be a way
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Bump, does anyone know if you can, or are we just screwed?
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ZzZealousEllis posted...
Bump, does anyone know if you can, or are we just screwed?

It is possible to buy a house but in order to do so you must sleep, fast travel, and then craft an item. I dont know why but this works.
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That's what happens when you disrespect the law, you disrespect the guard. No house for you!!
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theres some new bald guy standing right next to the new jarl
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