Where do you get master level destruction spells

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Feralda only sells expert level spells and I'm looking for the masta level so I can start clearing out citys, where do I find such spells?
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Bump for master spells there are no good topics on this.
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Get your destruction up to 90 or 100, I forgot which. Then you will see.
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My destruction is 100 and faeola or whatever her name was only sells expert level spells.
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talk to farida(sp?) and ask her about further training/more powerful spells, she will give you a book called the power of the elements. it has a riddle that leads you to your first location. once you find said location you place the book on the pedestal there and cast a fireball at it. then a second riddle leads you to the next location where u cast a different spell on it etc etc etc

after you find all 3 locations you can get the spells by reading the book assuming you have the respective perk for each spell. For example you only get the fire master level spell if you have both fire damage boosting perks
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Master Trainer: Faralda, of the College of Winterhold.