How do I Empower the Ebony Blade?

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5 years ago#1

I just received the Ebony Blade. It says it increases in power with the blood of deceit. I assumed that meant I had to kill a follower or someone that was a friend to me. I killed Lydia and nothing happened. I then proceeded to kill Farengar. When I did that the Daedra praised me for it. The sword didn't get any stronger though. Am I missing something here?

How do I make the sword stronger/get the legendary power? Any help would be appreciated. I checked the wiki, but it didn't have any information on how to unlock the swords true power. It did have screenshots showing its real enchantments and stats though.

Thanks to anyone that reads this and helps me out.

5 years ago#2

Bump. This board is extremely fast.

5 years ago#3
you need to kill people who like you.
5 years ago#4

Anyone you'd recommend? I tried killing some people that were friendly toward me, but I didn't notice the sword get any stronger. How many do you have to kill?

5 years ago#5

Nobody knows?

5 years ago#6
From what I've gathered empowering the weapon takes a random amount of kills depending on who you kill and they have to be friendly folk, the lady whispers to you when you empower the blade and it doesn't increase the damage, I read somewhere that it only increases the power of the lifesteal enchantment on the blade. I've also learned the blade is quite bugged, the + % to one handed damage increases the damage of the blade instead of two handed, also if you hang it up on a weapon rack it often disappears, mine fell on the floor and luckily I was able to retrieve it but for other people they have gone off questing and when they returned it was entirely gone. I went on a rampage through whiterun killing people and she whispered to me when I was in the middle of killing a guard so it's possible you can empower it just from killing guards, I plan to test it.

Here's a video:
5 years ago#7

Thanks RyanHawkz. I appreciate the information. :)

5 years ago#8
No problem, I hope it proves helpful.
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