Liberation of Skyrim GLITCHED (?)!!!

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4 years ago#1

I'm towards the end (I think), of the 'Liberation of Skyrim' quest line. I'm currently on 'Liberate Hafingar', but when I go to speak with Galmar Stonefist at the Haafingar Stormcloak Camp, he's running around with his weapon drawn and has no conversation options (even though the objective icon is showing above him). He also says what seem to be battle-related quotes like "Die, damn you!" and "Are you trying?! Because I'm not!!" and "I'll enjoy killing you!" - even though there are no enemies around.

Just for the hell of it, I saved my game, then tried attacking him. He ran around a little, but did not fight back. I kept attacking him until his life bar was empty, but he did not die and still showed the 'speak to' option instead of the 'search' option when I got near him (even though he does not reply).

No idea what's happening here, but I'm pretty much dead in the water on this MAJOR quest line in the game right now. I'm currently at level 33 and have about 67 hours into the game so far, so I REALLY hope there's some way to fix this!!!! Anyone else run into this???
4 years ago#2
Try surrendering to him. Block + X.
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4 years ago#3
jumi posted...
Try surrendering to him. Block + X.

Good idea, but no success. It's like he's not technically fighting with me, so I can't surrender.

I tried going back to an earlier save. I re-completed the previous quest ('Liberate Hjaalmarch'), then visited Jarl Ulrich in Windhelm again. He thanked me, gave me some new armor, etc., then told me to meet the men at Camp Haafingar to prepare to take Solitude. When I go to Haafingar Stormcloak Camp, Galmar is looking over the map in his tent (as usual), but as soon as I attempt to speak with him, he goes into the defense/fight state and starts just running around making threats, but not attacking me (or anything). Dead in the water here - still. :(

I also find it strange that this objective is called 'Liberate Haafingar' and not 'Liberate Solitude', since Haafingar appears to just be a Stormcloak camp (which I'm allies with). Just does not make any sense at all. I'm beginning to fear that I've just hit a game-breaking glitch. At almost 70 HOURS IN, that's more than a little frustrating. I'm REALLY hoping I can figure out a way to correct this. Going back to an earlier save did not seem to help. Really not sure what to try next, but I'm open to any ideas (??)...
4 years ago#4
That quest was glitchy for me too but not as bad as yours. After finishing taking over the fort, I was sent to solitude, and then he started attacking no one, and there was no map marker after that.
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