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5 years ago#1
in the College of Winterhold, with the staff of magnus ... it says I'm supposed to kill Arcano. When I walk in, he's aiming up at the eye of magnus and the eye isn't opening. I can't talk to him or hit him ... what am I missing?
5 years ago#2
Hit the eye with the staff

5 years ago#3
I am but it's not doing anything .. I'm using all of its charge and nothing happened. Had to reload and try again....
5 years ago#4
bump... anyone know why the eye isn't opening when Arcano is casting at it? Am I supposed to do something to get the eye to open to use the staff on it?
5 years ago#5
I think you're experiencing a glitch :/ It's not supposed to take very long.

5 years ago#6
I just did it, keep attacking the eye as he tries to open it, you're trying to keep it closed, and as you attack it with the staff it will start to close, cutting him off from most of the power. He's not too hard after that, plus the magic anomalies can help out by attacking him.
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5 years ago#7
That's what I'm thinking .... does the eye just open up after a few seconds of him casting? I'll try reloading again but I just want to be sure that when you walk in, it just starts opening?
5 years ago#8
That's just it though ... the eye isn't opening. It's circling and he's firing his magic at it but it doesn't open at any point. I have the guide and it shows a picture of the eye opening and it's not doing that...
5 years ago#9
You have to wait until Tolfir says "Use the Staff on the Eye." Then use it on the eye.

Ancano will then try to attack you, but keep using the staff on the eye. You will see his health drop by about 1/5, wait a second, then do it again.
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