Can you marry Karliah?

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#2the_old_daysPosted 11/23/2011 4:12:18 PM
I don't think so.

1) I can never find her at the damn Nightingale HQ, where she says she'll be. She's
never there. Where is she? I can't remember where the actual shrine to Nocturnal is, but maybe she's there.


the only time I've seen her since was at the Thieves Guild ceremony, and she was unresponsive to the marriage amulet...but that could have been circumstance.

Can't ever find her otherwise to try....
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Of the potential spouses I saw listed on the Elder Scrolls Wiki, I don't remember seeing her on the list. Sapphire either whom I was hoping would be.
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So is the only stealth based spouse Janessa? Sorry, but I can't stand her deep voice, not what I want to come home to.
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And yet you want to marry Karliah, who sounds like she's got a terminal case of strep throat?
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At least she doesn't sound like she should be singing baritone in a barbershop quartet.
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She's in the Twilight Sanctuary I believe, which is in the bottom left of the map, but can be accessed through the nightingale base apparently.
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Marriable people
*WARNING spoilers abound